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ADVANCEAdvanced Driver and Vehicle Advisory Navigation Concept
ADVANCEAdvocating Diversity and the Need for Cultural Exchange (Rice University; Texas)
ADVANCEAvoiding Drugs, Violence, and Negative Choices Early
ADVANCEArmy Data Validation And Netting Capability Establishment
ADVANCEAdvancing Common Basic Services for Distributed Concurrent Engineering Application
ADVANCEAirborne Doppler Velocity Altitude Navigation Compass Equipment
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The knights and spectators are alike impatient, the time advances, and highly fit it is that the sports should commence.
A member of the staff advanced toward the troops, and calling the name of a soldier commanded him to advance.
This little group had in its advance dragged inward, so to speak, the circumference of the now almost complete circle of people, and a number of dim black figures followed it at discreet distances.
The three Musketeers passed behind his Eminence, who again enveloped his face in his cloak, and put his horse in motion, keeping from eight to ten paces in advance of his four companions.
The passageway sloped in a gentle descent, enlarging as they proceeded; still Franz and the count were compelled to advance in a stooping posture, and were scarcely able to proceed abreast of one another.
When an invading force crosses a river in its onward march, do not advance to meet it in mid-stream.
D'Artagnan, freely applying his spurs, was in advance of Porthos two feet at the most; Musqueton followed two lengths behind; the guards were scattered according to the varying excellence of their respective mounts.
As Sinclair, who was in the advance, was putting some branches aside, he was shot through the body.
However, we thought it as well to make the most of our time; and accordingly, where the ground would admit of it, we ran swiftly along the summit of the ridge, until we were brought to a stand by a steep cliff, which at first seemed to interpose an effectual barrier to our farther advance.
That which astonished D'Artagnan, when he turned his eyes from the coast batteries to the fortifications of the city, was to see that Belle-Isle was defended by an entirely new system, of which he had often heard the Comte de la Fere speak as a wonderful advance, but of which he had as yet never seen the application.
We must reach the upper levels of the pits in advance of the flood or we shall never reach them.
A truce was Kutuzov's sole chance of gaining time, giving Bagration's exhausted troops some rest, and letting the transport and heavy convoys (whose movements were concealed from the French) advance if but one stage nearer Znaim.