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News by telegram reached the insurance offices that Lady Montbarry had been advised by her lawyers to leave for London with as little delay as possible.
The Beaver's best course was, no doubt, to procure A second-hand dagger-proof coat-- So the Baker advised it-- and next, to insure Its life in some Office of note:
As it is evident that my people have advised me wrongly, I will not cast you three people into the dreadful Garden of the Clinging Vines; but your animals must be driven into the Black Pit in the mountain, for my subjects cannot bear to have them around.
This is the latest in a series of transactions where Simmons & Simmons has advised on life sciences sector flotations, having advised Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited on the IPO of Oxford BioDynamics, Cenkos on the IPO of Creo Medical and JP Morgan and others on the Circassia IPO.
Makki advised the public to resist the urge to overeat, but eat in moderation.
The end result is poorly advised students who have a negative view of the academic institution.
According to Price, he advised Posey of the arrest of the 3 boys and his desire to contact Killen to get the boys beat up.
In 2007 Catherine Burke's team advised the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive on the introduction of smartcard ticketing in the West Midlands.
Practice head Alison Gray recently advised on the settlement of a traffic accident claim.
In Indonesia, Booz Allen's security consultants advised a prospective client to lower its profile by removing signs, information on Web sites and the names and locations of staff members.
Coalition volunteers, Anderson said, should assuage pastors' fears about their tax exemption by referring them to literature prepared by Robertson's ACLJ; he also advised reminding pastors that the ACLJ will defend them if the Internal Revenue Service launches an investigation.