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As part of the divorce decree, the ex-husband was required to purchase a $100,000 life insurance policy that named Gygi as the sole beneficiary, according to the affidavit.
The affidavit stated that Darrell Vance had been arrested for possession of approximately 3 kilograms of marijuana and $11,000 in cash.
But Hilbig said Cruz had much to lose if the affidavit does not hold up as the truth.
6(c)(2) (2009) ("An affidavit supporting a motion must be served with the motion.
Because we reverse on the issue that [the affidavit requirement] directly conflicts with Rule 3 of our Rules of Civil Procedure, we need not address the remaining issues," Justice Robert Brown wrote for the court.
The court held that the failure to file the affidavit subjected the complaint to dismissal.
Sturgis also makes it clear that an affidavit of merit signed by a nurse is valid even if the nurse is not qualified as an expert for causation because "the issue whether the plaintiff's affiant can substantively attest or address matters of causation is not a concern for the purposes of the 'first stage' of the litigation in which an affidavit of merit must be filed under Michigan law; rather the issue can be pursued in later proceeding such as at trial.
Farhad ``Fred'' Monem bought large quantities of bulk foods for the 13-prison system in Oregon, where he had worked for a decade, the affidavit said.
If the organization's status depends on financial data on public support, "the affidavit must be updated by asking the grantee to provide an attested statement containing enough financial data to establish that it continues to meet the requirements of the applicable Code section.
As of July 1, 2006, the effected existing high-rise office buildings must have all of the work completed, including filing of the necessary affidavits with the Department, or they must have a signed contract to complete the work.
611 provided that each party seeking child support, alimony, or modification thereof, an equitable distribution of assets or debts; or attorneys' fees, suit money, or court costs, was required to serve on all parties a financial affidavit in substantial conformity with Rule 1.
In granting the motion by the child's mother to expunge the affidavit from the court's continuing case record, Ontario Court of Justice, Lawrence P.