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AGSTAbove Ground Storage Tank
AGSTAntifaschistische Gruppe Südthüringen (German)
AGSTAssociation of Graduate Students from Taiwan
AGSTAdvanced Gunnery Simulation Training
AGSTAfrican Grand Slam Tungsten (copper bullet formerly made by Speer)
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158 million against Parks and Horticulture Agency (PHA), Rs.
Sixty-one corruption cases were registered in Sargodha Circle of which 23 against police, 10 against revenue, eight against TMA, five against court officials, three each against health and highway departments, two against forestry and one each against education, DCO office, public health, market committee and Building departments.
Foot against a rock, bile against honey Head against the wall
against thinkers, thinkers are weighed against slaves, slaves are
Just three games in Division Four - Phoenix Ebos are top of the table after beating Massey B 10-0, but Massey B hit back with a 9-1 win against Phoenix Francs.
The Japanese yen remained relatively steady against foreign currencies today.
I'm against war and peace, and I can make cogent arguments why support for either is asinine.
Paul does tell us, after all, that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but "against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places.
Whereas the Mittal bid was characterized by its opponents as "a symbol of globalization against a symbol of Europeanization," the resistance against the subsequent intra-European takeover offers exposes the deep-seated distrust on the part of European governments of the rules of the European single market and the oversight role of the European institutions.
He had 26 points against Indiana, 35 against Charlotte and 35 against the Hornets, though the Lakers were barely in any of those three losses.
Not only had his vote against the PATRIOT Act not damaged Feingold; by all appearances it had made him stronger.
The ruling is a landmark decision concerning the massive global fraud that has been perpetrated against Motorola by the Uzans, and the latest in a series of court judgments throughout the world against the Uzans.