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AGGAllgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz
AGGAyakashi: Ghost Guild (game)
AGGAggeus (Biblical prophet; aka Haggai)
AGGAesthetic Group Gymnastics (sport)
AGGAfrican Gold Group, Inc.
AGGAgammaglobulinemia (blood plasma)
AGGArnall Golden Gregory LLP (Atlanta, GA)
AGGAsociación de Gerentes de Guatemala (Managers' Association of Guatemala)
AGGAction-Graph Game (computer theory)
AGGAstronomische Gesellschaft Graubünden (Swiss astronomical society)
AGGAirborne Gravity Gradiometer
AGGAnn Gisel Glass (boutique; France)
AGGAntiterroristische Gemengde Groep (Dutch antiterrorist group)
AGGAuckland Girls Grammar (New Zealand)
AGGAgent to the Governor General (British)
AGGAirborne Ground Generators
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The federal Constitution forms a happy combination in this respect; the great and aggregate interests being referred to the national, the local and particular to the State legislatures.
She believed herself to feel too much of it in the aggregate for honesty or safety in particulars.
Quantitative study ofthe project area reveals that the rock types ofthe aggregate encountered in the field study are 40.
Racing Genk win 4-2 on penalties after 2-2 on aggregate.
Keywords Inflation * Exchange rate * Aggregate demand * Elasticity
We examine the role of aggregate demand price level elasticity for the balance of trade when an economic expansion happens as a result of either an increase of aggregate demand or an increase of short-run aggregate supply.
Thus many properties of the aggregate such as chemical and mineral composition, specific gravity, hardness, strength, physical and chemical stability and porosity depend on the properties of parent rocks (Tasong et al.
Construction will begin immediately on an all-weather road linking the aggregate operation to major oil sands operations surrounding the project area.
The new benchmark will offer investors a rules-based market value weighted index as a complementary alternative to the flagship US Aggregate Index, which includes agencies and MBS held in government accounts.
Senate Bill 420, which will require the California Department of Transportation (DOT) to use recycled aggregates in state paving projects unless it is economically unfeasible, has been signed into law by Gov.
The production of various sizes of aggregate used by the construction industry leads to a surplus of the finest fraction, much of which is returned to the quarry as landfill, giving it a negative value.
20, 2002, found that insurers who issued general liability policies after Wallace & Gale completed its asbestos installation work would only be liable for amounts up to the aggregate limits in the policies.