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AIDEAdvanced Intrusion Detection Environment
AIDEAdaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle Interface
AIDEAssociation Intercommunale pour le Démergement et l'Epuration (French: Intercommunal Association for Demerger and Purification; Belgium)
AIDEAgences Internationales pour le Développement (French)
AIDEAutomated Intrusion Detection Environment
AIDEAssociation Internationale du Droit des Eaux (French)
AIDEAnnie Interactive Development Environment
AIDEAutomated Integrated Design Engineering
AIDEAir Induction/Diesel Exhaust
AIDEAutomated Inventory Distribution and Exchange
AIDEAda Integrated Development Environment
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This additional teacher aide support for prep students is delivering on our election promise to invest $54 million over four-years for more Prep teacher aides in Queensland.
Aide held the wheel with all his might; he turned to the left, then to the right.
En revanche, les impacts des aides de l'Etat sur la situation de la concurrence dans le marche de l'immobilier residentiel se manifestent notamment a travers l'intensification de l'offre de logements, la hausse des prix et des marges beneficiaires, ainsi que la discrimination en matiere d'acces au marche, precise l'etude.
Unseth says Giacoboni will be a candidate for Home Health Aide Digest's annual “Home Health Aide of the Year” Award.
The Board has convened a task force of subject matter experts who, over the course of the next year, will gather information and make recommendations to the Board regarding the curriculum for Medication Aide education for nurse aides, and other requirements for medication aide authority.
WHILE THE two leaders did their rounds in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, their aides met yesterday at the UN-controlled Nicosia airport to work on the 'governance' chapter as part of direct talks aimed at reunifying the island.
It was also alleged a video existed in which it is said an aide had performed oral sex on the royal.
Colorado, Iowa and Oklahoma each provide for additional training of certified nurses aides to classify them as medication aides.
I raise my glass to the Senate aide and try to come up with an optimistic toast: "You know, I moved down here just this summer with only my misguided idealism.
To prepare Airman Bensch for her role as an aide, the Air Force sent her to a two-week familiarization course and a host of culinary programs.
EPSCO), a publisher of training materials and manuals used by nurses, aides, and nurse managers.