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ABNAustralian Business Number
ABNAdvance Beneficiary Notice
ABNAsia Business News
ABNAlabama Board of Nursing
ABNAmoda Broadcasting Network (TV; India)
ABNAgencia Bolivariana de Noticias (Spanish: Bolivarian News Agency, Venezuela)
ABNAbsecon (Amtrak station code; Absecon, NJ)
ABNAutomotive Broadcasting Network
ABNAcronym Builders Network
ABNAlgemene Bank Nederland
ABNAssociation of British Neurologists
ABNAutorité du Bassin du Niger (French: Niger Basin Authority)
ABNAT&T Business Network
ABNAustralian Bibliographic Network
ABNAlgemeen Beschaafd Nederlands
ABNAlaska Board of Nursing
ABNAlbina Airport (airport code; Oregon)
ABNAlcock Brown-Neaves Group (Australia)
ABNAssumed Business Name
ABNAerodrome Beacon (aviation, NOTAM)
ABNAsia Blogging Network
ABNAgri Broadcast Network (radio news network; Ohio)
ABNAssholes by Nature (band)
ABNAvivamiento Broadcasting Network (religious local TV station; Colombia)
ABNAngled Bed of Nails (connector type)
ABNAfrican Broadcasting Network
ABNAlarm Broadband Network
ABNAfrica Business Network
ABNAfrican Biosciences Network (International Biosciences Network)
ABNAsahi Broadcasting Nagano Co., Ltd. (Japan)
ABNAmerican Business Network (Sprint)
ABNAlliance of Boston Neighborhoods (Boston, Massachusetts)
ABNAcid-Base Neutrals
ABNAmerican Board of Neurology
ABNAluminium, Brass & Nickel (engines)
ABNAction Bets Network
ABNAlliance Business Network (various locations)
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He has an extensive background in worldwide telecommunications, ranging from the development and commissioning of long and short-range terrestrial systems, to satellite and cutting-edge airborne technologies.
The most professional of Russia's airborne units -- where only 10 percent of the soldiers and sergeants are conscripts -- is an artillery regiment stationed in the city of Kostroma, some 350 kilometers from Moscow, Shamanov added.
CSPI cautions that Airborne may provide too much vitamin A, since just two pills provide 10,000 IU--the maximum safe level for a day--and the package directs customers to take three per day.
As for taking Airborne to repel germs in an airplane, restaurant, or other crowded environment, "that's nonsense," says cold expert Jack Gwaltney of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
Under the plan, the 173rd Airborne would be given the opportunity to containerize all of their equipment at their home station in Vicenza, Italy.
If the military can get the weapon to work well enough for service, the Airborne Laser aircraft will patrol in pairs at more than 40,000 feet and inside friendly territory, scanning the horizon for missiles.
office, and Mort Fetterolf and Brian Knowles of Insignia/ESG's Philadelphia office to release the space vacated by Airborne at 155 Ninth Ave.
The Edwards airplane - designated YAL-1A, for airborne laser, with Y the Air Force designation for prototype aircraft - probably would not be used in combat.
During Operation Desert Storm, Dunwoody deployed to Saudi Arabia as the division parachute officer of the 82nd Airborne Division.
Both were initiated by New America Corporate Services Vice President David Blanchard, who manages New America's account with Airborne.
In scientific studies and medical journals, the key ingredients in Airborne products have been shown to help support a healthy immune system.