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ADRPAdipose Differentiation Related Protein
adRPAutosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa
ADRPAlternative Dispute Resolution Program
ADRPArmy DISN Router Program
ADRPAutomated Data Reduction Program
ADRPAutomated Data Retriever and Processor
ADRPAdaptive Distributed Reuse Partitioning
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President Barack Obama spoke with Erdogan on Saturday, and notified him of the decision to conduct the airdrops, U.
In addition, the system will be miniaturized so it can sit comfortably in an A-22 aerial delivery container--the standard for military airdrops, company officials said.
It is the first time the US has made airdrops to Kurdish fighters defending Kobane and it represents an escalation in Washington's efforts to support Syrian opposition forces against both IS jihadists and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
The addition of high-altitude, improved-container delivery systems and joint precision airdrop system (JPADS) platforms guided by the Global Positioning System has equipped our airlift fleet with both vertical and horizontal standoff capabilities.
Airdrop uses the same concept, working on the principle that even the driest air contains water molecules that can be extracted by lowering the air's temperature to the point of condensation.
AirDrop - Apple's Mac OS X Lion includes the new AirDrop feature that allows multiple users to share files wirelessly - which can be a violation of company security policies - creating security risks that could result in protected data being easily transferred to unknown machines outside of the enterprise network, potentially leaving the network vulnerable to other active attacks.
If you're going by helicopter to resupply, it's very easy for the enemy to try and shoot you down," said Andrew Meloni of Airdrop Technology Team.
Airdrop operations are time sensitive and joint and require that all agencies involved be perfectly synchronized and coordinated.
In January, the 772nd set a record for the most airdrops in a month with 51.
Forces from the Quick Response Brigade's 3rd Contingent conducted an airdrop mission in Djerf al-Sakhr district, (65 km) northwest of Hilla, arresting four wanted persons," the spokesman told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The training was aimed at preparing some 450 commandos for an airdrop operation.
The test was one element of a US Army Natick development programme designed to study the use of a modular design for guided airdrop of heavy cargo.