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Investment company FL Group, which owns 23 percent of Finnish flag carrier Finnair and has made a string of investments in the airline industry, said it had been building the stake in the world's largest airline over a considerable period of time and had spent over USD$400 million.
The airline has already lost more than $3 billion and cut 16,000 employees in the past three years.
In August, after weather and labor problems resulted in delayed and canceled flights, the airline apologized by giving its "Elite" status frequent fliers double bonus miles for the rest of 2000.
Stempler then stated, "As good as the 'IAPA Travel Safety Alert' airline safety rating system is in predicting the likelihood of future fatal airline accidents, and as safe as the 'IAPA Travel Safety Alert's' list of the world's safest airlines are, there can be no guarantee that a very safe airline will not have a fatal accident in the future.
If you're on the right or work for a big airline (or both), you'd throw yourself off a cliff before you'd listen to a word about new regulations.
Hawaiian Airlines said it will suspend its daily San Diego-Maui service Jan.
Landing American Eagle would depend on the airline looking to establish markets west of Dallas, according to Tri-Star.
But then, at the 11th hour, David Bonderman, the controlling shareholder of Continental, suddenly barrel rolled his airline out of Mullin's sights and into formation with Northwest Airlines.
3) Bad decisions by airline managements in acquiring too many airplanes, building too many hubs and failing to cut back early enough when traffic dropped as a result of Persian Gulf War and the recession.
The major airlines poked gaping holes in the two theories on which airline deregulation was based.
Kingfisher Airlines entered into a strategic partnership with Sabre Airline Solutions as we wanted to 'get it right, first time.