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AMNAirman (USAF rank)
AMNAdrenomyeloneuropathy (form of neurological disease ALD)
AMNAdvanced Media Network
AMNArt Museum Network
AMNAmerican Medical News
AMNAbstract Machine Notation (formal methods)
AMNArtificial Mains Network
AMNAny Minute Now
AMNAmerican Mobile Nurses
AMNActa Musei Napocensis
AMNAutonomous Maritime Navigation
AMNAnnuity Market News
AMNAnsaldo Meccanico Nucleare
AMNAir Management Node (BFTT/CSTS system on LHD class ships)
AMNAlkali Metal Nitrite
AMNAccess Media Network, Inc.
AMNAmerican Motorcycle Network
AMN(USN Rating) Aviation Structural Mechanic (Hydraulics)
AMNAfghan Mission Network (information system)
AMNAmicale Motocycliste de Nice (French: Friendly Riders of Nice; motorcycle club; Nice, France)
AMNAboriginal Mapping Network (est. 1998; Canada)
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Today's Airman exists in an international environment where threats change constantly, increasing the value of agility and time.
Airman Magazine: Approximately eight years ago, you were the AOC commander.
Every airman has to be all in; you'll be more focused on the mission, and you'll ultimately be a better airman and person.
Airman Hoyt played varsity soccer for Bartlett High School,
Whether from a back shop mechanic who develops a cost-saving technique for reinstalling a hydraulic line or a Battlefield Airman who discovers a way to combine two communications devices into one, the saved resources free scarce dollars to better equip their fellow Airmen when these lessons are applied across the Air Force.
Being an airman director is an accomplishment," he said.
At Airman magazine, we pride ourselves on publishing the powerful imagery and videos Air Force photographers and broadcasters produce every day.
Airman Brunell is the daughter of Ramonita Brunell of Dennison Hill Road, Southbridge, Mass.
Senior Airman Ashton Goodman from Indianapolis, Ind.
Conversely, an Airman would ask, "How can I achieve the desired effect though space or cyber?
Photos and art by a former enlisted airman, William S.