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ALASAlaska (old style)
AlAsAluminum Arsenide
ALASAtlanta Legal Aid Society (Atlanta, GA, USA)
ALASAsociación Latinoamericana de Seguridad (Spanish: Latin American Security Association)
ALASAmérica Latina en Acción Solidaria (Spanish)
ALASAuxiliary Loans to Assist Students
ALASAsynchronous Look-Ahead Simulator
ALASAutomated Legislative Alert System
ALASAbbott, Langer Association Surveys
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Alas Purwo, he said, is full of penunggu: guardian nature-spirits that inhabit the tallest and noblest of the trees that surrounded us everywhere along the trail.
To learn more about the 2015 ALAS Scholarship, visit http://alasedu.
Digging and route research in soils of tundra, middle-taiga, alas, flood land ecosystems allowed us to observe one species of earthworms Eisenia nordenskioldi [11] that was represented by two morphologic and ecological forms (soil and litter and burrowing).
As a monoline insurer, ALAS is reliant on a single market characterized by low-frequency/high-severity claims and higher-than-average earnings and capital volatility.
ALaS employs about 150 "practitioners," according to Virtusa.
A nurse would monitor the ALAs and, if necessary, call the night RN to attend.
Consul General to Palestine Antonio Leviste was given the guilty verdict by Judge Elmo Alameda of the Makati City Regional Trial Court Branch 150, for shooting to death Rafael delas Alas, his close friend.
Then alas disaster struck, as we couldnt get the window shut.
Editor: Alas, there is no easy way out of this dilemma Any one book will not suffice; it is rather a question of finding first a more or less objective account of the early twentieth-century history of the Palestine area With the founding of Israel in 1947-48 and the events following, one has to be judicious because there does not exist "a clear and comprehensive history.
The dancers are always a delight, and this, alas, marks the last Joyce season for the fabulous Renee Jaworski, a mesmerizing mover and consummate performer (at right, bottom).
At Canoga Park Bowl in Winnetka, William and Delmy Alas of Van Nuys brought their two children, Katherine, 11, and Jason, 8, for a first-ever family bowling excursion.
Brazil is the largest market in the world, after the United States, for erectile dysfunction treatments, Alas says.