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Pimlott and his associates found that patients with a preoperative serum albumin of less than 35 g/L were significantly more likely to die than patients with a higher serum albumin level.
Albumin is currently derived through human blood transfusions supplied by donors.
Kreuter, Evaluation of pilocarpineloaded albumin particles as controlled drug delivery systems for the eye.
Low serum T3, low serum albumin, and low body fat were specifically predictive of vertebral fractures but not nonvertebral fractures.
Albumin levels can be decreased by three main mechanisms: decreased synthesis as in malnutrition, malabsorption or liver disease; increased volume or distribution as in over-hydration, or increased capillary permeability as with either septicemia or hypoxia; and increased excretion/degradation as in burns, hemorrhage, nephritic syndrome, protein-losing enteropathies, or catabolic states such as severe sepsis, (ever, trauma or malignant disease.
Albumin production, as with any manufacturing methodology, is a tightly controlled process, where even minor variations during critical steps can significantly alter the characteristics of the final product.
The serum albumin levels were lower in the edematous group than in the nonedematous group (mean serum albumin = 4.
Experimental and clinical experience of albumin coating of tympanostomy tubes.
However, a higher concentration of albumin in PD fluid might have been more effective.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan,Analysis of the Global Human Albumin Market and Product Pipeline (http://www.
When it comes to albumin for replacement therapy, a premium pricing strategy could go in vain, saidFrost & Sullivan Healthcare Senior Research Analyst Aish Vivekanandan.
Since then, the term microalbumin has been abandoned in favor of urine albumin because there is nothing "small" or "low molecular weight" about the albumin measured in urine.