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Early life history of blueback herring and alewife in the lower Roanoke River, North Carolina.
Currently the salmon fishing in Lake Michigan is great because the alewife population has again plummeted and the fish are so hungry they will bite on just about anything.
The alewife showed up in Lake Ontario in 1873, and reached Lake Michigan in 1943.
the shortnose sturgeon, Atlantic sturgeon, American eel, blueback herring, hickory shad, alewife, American shad, rainbow smelt, Atlantic tomcod, white perch, striped bass; and white catfish, Figure 43) are or have been commercially and/or recreationally important, primarily as food for humans.
When construction is completed in December 2015, the Alewife wetland, designed as a natural system to attenuate and treat stormwater before being discharged into nearby Little River, is projected to reduce combined sewer overflow (CSO) by 84 percent, a reduction of more than 43.
In Boston, MBTA Transit Police created two-life sized cardboard cutouts of police offers and placed them in two busy bike rack cages at Alewife Station.
It all began, innocently, last year after they drove from their home in Bolton, down Route 2 to Alewife Station and took the T into town, to catch the action at the finish line.
Shire now has two FDA and EMA approved facilities in which to manufacture VPRIV drug substance - the Alewife and the Lexington facilities, both in Massachusetts, US.
Alewife in Queens, New York has an amazing beer list.
americana) larvae, and also larvae of alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) (overlap = 0.
27 The alewife is a member of which important family of food fish?