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ALIBIAdaptive Location of Internetworked Bases of Information
ALIBIAssessment of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) Installations for BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion) Incidents
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Lady Archer was in court as Mr Waters recapped the main evidence of the case, including allegations that her husband had 'recruited' his former friend Ted Francis to give him a false alibi for the night the Daily Star alleged he had slept with prostitute Monica Coghlan.
But the alibi was never used because the Daily Star, which had alleged the then deputy chairman of the Conservative Party had sex with a prostitute, realised the day in question was the day before.
The kit won't be much use to him as an alibi, as we all know where he's been.
Businessman Kairat Zhamalov was arrested on suspicion to torturing Alibi Zhumagulov for two months, the authorities said.
Completing the Alibi IP line are 2- and 4-camera turn-key systems, which include pre-installed security-grade hard drives and all cabling and accessories required to operate straight out of the box.
With the introduction of ALIBI we are bringing cocktail culture to the center of The Las Vegas Strip.
The General was coerced into paying for an alibi for his grandson and wants to find out the truth before he dies.
POLICE have launched an internal investigation after an innocent black teenager was held for FIFTEEN HOURS on suspicion of robbery - despite having a castiron alibi.
See for yourself in a Curiosity Shop, a new show from Exeter-based Theatre Alibi.
His sister has also been charged with giving him a false alibi.
Apparently, sales are goin' like gangbusters, and even men who don't frequent Mavericks are stopping by for a quick drink and a bottle of Alibi.
THE mother of one of the men on trial over the murder of Stephen Lawrence was yesterday accused of giving a fake alibi for her son.