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ALKAutomatisierte Liegenschaftskarte
ALKAnti-Lift Kit (Subaru suspension system)
ALKAllergologisk Laboratorium København (Allergological Laboratory of Copenhagen)
ALKAssociation Languedocienne de Kyudo (French; Japanese archery association)
ALKAlaska Air Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
ALKAlkohol (German: alcohol)
ALKAnaplastic Lymphoma Kinase
ALKSrilankan Airlines (ICAO code)
ALKActivin Receptor-Like Kinase
ALKAutomated Limellar Keratoplasty (Surgical Procedure)
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They also enhanced and maintained the antioxidant properties of apple juice with alkaline electrolyzed water under storage conditions.
To avoid an acid surplus the pH diet theory says we need to eat foods that leave an alkaline residue, mainly green vegetables and most fruits, especially, though it sounds contradictory, acidic ones such as lemons.
Another seductive claim is that alkaline ionized water is an antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals.
Toshiba has already procured other alkaline batteries from FDK to sell under its own brand and is currently manufacturing only AA alkaline batteries on its own.
Many natural health practitioners encourage people to follow a diet that includes 80% alkaline-forming foods (primarily fruits and vegetables) and 20% acid-forming foods (meats, sugar, caffeine, beans, dairy, and grains) in order to keep body terrain on the alkaline side.
MEDIA SKILLS - Kirsty Dunn has been appointed account manager for Alkaline Creative Communications
Varcoe studied the effect of humidity on the ionic conductivity of alkaline anion-exchange membranes and found that at high humidity levels, the membranes were good conductors.
Alkaline Creative Communications is a full-service creative agency with extensive experience in the delivery of PR, design, and digital solutions across all sectors of business.
All the members of The Falcon are also players for some heavy hitting bands in the punk scene like Alkaline Trio and The Lawrence Arms.
The new device can generate strong alkaline water (pH11 or above), which is free from hazardous materials and suited for floor cleaning.