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ALPHAAssociation of Local Public Health Agencies
ALPHAAntihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (experiment at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
ALPHAAcademy of Learning through Partnerships for Higher Achievement
ALPHAAllies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS (Boise, Idaho, USA)
ALPHAAdvanced Learning Program for High Achievers
ALPHAAdolescents Learning Positive Health Alternatives
ALPHAAMC Logistics Program Hardcore
ALPHAAutomatic Literature Processing, Handling & Analysis
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Best in Business winners for Columns, by category and listed in alphabetical order:
The search is then restricted to AEIOU words in which the five vowels occur in alphabetical, or reverse alphabetical, order.
The Safest of the World's Medium to Small Airlines are (in alphabetical order): Alaska Airlines, Finnair, KLM, Malaysian Airline System and Swissair.
Nominees for "Play Car of the Year" are (in alphabetical order):
OUT OF ORDER: The cast of the Saints Drama Group's latest production, Alphabetical Order, from left, back, Dave Collins, Mark Treen and Gary Swain, and front, Kate Hill, Juliana Swain and Lucinda Toomey.
The second section that contains an alphabetical index of names of industrial firms gives details of the 2,484 industrial companies registered with Dubai Chamber along with their location, range of products and vital information about the manufacturing units while the Classifieds Section -- Products in section three categorizes 430 marketable and exportable products that are numerically grouped under 24 main categories.
The alphabetical approach adopted by this book is acceptable for a handbook or manual but it lacks the coherence of a system-based approach to uncommon diseases.
Part I consists of poems describing fruits and vegetables in alphabetical order.
It also includes an alphabetical index,, a section index, new product reviews, industry news, therapy and product classification charts, prescribing notes and a manufacturers' index.
Arranged in alphabetical order by title, each entry gives the original title and an English translation, director, production company, year of release, B&W/color, running time, writing credits, animation credits, music credits, cast credits, a synopsis and an evaluation of the film.
Find company addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and web sites in the Alphabetical Directory beginning on p.