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AMBOAlbanian Macedonian Bulgarian Oil Corporation
AMBOAssociation of Minnesota Building Officials (New Brighton, MN)
AMBOAsian Molecular Biology Organization
AMBOAssociation of Model Barge Owners (UK)
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Nos igitur incipiamus iterum; meminerimus ambo liberalitatem non signum impotentiae esse atque veritatem semper temptandam.
In 2009, AMBO foods conducted a pilot study that focused on pediatric patients who were having difficulty concentrating and who had been diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder (ADD).
AI ABN AMBO, Rachel opened a 401(k), contributing 10% of her income with a dollar-for-dollar match from the company.
Having rejected the usual explanation of diaconal association with the ambo on the dual grounds that other clergy also sang from the ambo and the Exultet was not originally delivered from the ambo, Kelly suggests that the deacon sang as an assistant to the bishop, who was lighting and blessing the candle.
If you purchased AMBO common stock during the Class Period, you have the legal right to petition the Court to be appointed a "lead plaintiff.
The authors of the project that has been in a state of limbo for over 15 years say that AMBO relative to its rivals Nabucco, the North, South and Blue Streams, can be realized fastest.
Would not a photograph of the surviving ambo that almost fills the nave of Kalambaka cathedral, for example, have been a real help?
Mr Milson, a painter decorator from Huttons Ambo, called on the trust to keep the units open.
Gambler is a Danish documentary by director Phie Ambo about the director and producer of two films, Pusher and Bl eed er, who followed up their success by losing a lot of money on their next film.
The priest at the ambo waited him out and then continued preaching as the man sank into a pew somewhere in the back, out of view.
civil construction sector," says Pedro Gaudi at Banco ABN AMBO Real in Silo Paulo.
The leaders of Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria have signed a political declaration for the AMBO oil pipeline.