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AMBAssociação Médica Brasileira (Brazil)
AMBArticulação de Mulheres Brasileiras (Brasil)
AMBAll My Best
AMBAustralian Mountain Bike
AMBAxe Murder Boys (band)
AMBAgence Maritime de Bretagne (French maritime company)
AMBAlternative Mining Bill (Philippines)
AMBAircraft Mishap Board
AMBActive Metal Brazing
AMBAvatar Meher Baba
AMBAirways Modernization Board
AMBair mobility branch (US DoD)
AmbAmagerbro (Danish railway station)
AMBAtelier Mécanique du Bassin (French mechanical engineering company)
AMBAteliers Maritimes Baulois (French boating company)
AMBAssociation Marc Bloch (French: Marc Bloch Association)
AMBAngular Momentum Balance
AMBActive Metal Bonding (semiconductor manufacturing)
AMBAcrylamidomethylbutanoate (polyampholyte class polymer)
AMBArmament Material Bulletin
AMBAnalog MDM Bipolar
AMBArt Map Burlington (Burlington, VT publication)
AMBActive Magnetic Bearing
AMBAviation Maintenance Battalion (US Army)
AMBApplied Molecular Biology (various schools)
AMBAmphotericin B (liposome)
AmbAmbulatory (aka Ambulating)
AmbAmbulating (aka Ambulatory)
AMBAdvanced Memory Buffer (FBDIMM control unit on DRAM)
AMBAfrican Media Barometer (Media Institute for Southern Africa)
AMBAfrican Merchant Bank (RSA)
AMBAir Mission Brief
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2] and HR measurements were obtained when the participants could ambulate using the powered exoskeleton continuously, even if they needed some level of assistance, in proximity to the 40th training session.
Seventy-six percent of the 54 individuals with incomplete paraplegia were able to ambulate in the community 1 year following injury (Waters, Adkins, Yakura, & Sie, 1994a).
Participants: Individuals (n=110) admitted with physical therapy referrals with full weight bearing status who could ambulate 20 feet and consented to participate.
Research has not determined whether motion-sensitive technology is more accurate than traditional technology while patients ambulate with a wheeled walker.
Riggins recovered well from the procedure and is now able to ambulate comfortably.
At 1-year follow-up, the patient was beginning to ambulate, the Dimeglio-Bensahel score was 0 and the Catterall-Pirani was 0.
The most important factors in discharge planning identified by our respondents were "the ability to transfer and ambulate," "having a person at home to assist," and "the patient's cognitive status.
Under-cross examination, the nurse acknowledged that although the patient's physician had authorized the patient to ambulate unassisted, such authorization would not "bar her from asking for assistance.
Just being able to ambulate, to clearly communicate with loved ones, and to celebrate family events is, in the view of many patients and family members, a significant improvement in quality of life," Dr.
Benjamin's mother was allowed to ambulate and use the bathroom, as long as she informed the nurses before she got out of bed.
BAD DOCUMENTATION under Short-Term Goals: "Resident will ambulate 150 feet with minimum assist.
Because of the tumor, Christa suffered from spastic paraparesis in her lower body, an inability to ambulate independently, and other problems.