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AMBAssociação Médica Brasileira (Brazil)
AMBArticulação de Mulheres Brasileiras (Brasil)
AMBAll My Best
AMBAustralian Mountain Bike
AMBAxe Murder Boys (band)
AMBAgence Maritime de Bretagne (French maritime company)
AMBAlternative Mining Bill (Philippines)
AMBAircraft Mishap Board
AMBActive Metal Brazing
AMBAvatar Meher Baba
AMBAirways Modernization Board
AMBair mobility branch (US DoD)
AmbAmagerbro (Danish railway station)
AMBAtelier Mécanique du Bassin (French mechanical engineering company)
AMBAteliers Maritimes Baulois (French boating company)
AMBAssociation Marc Bloch (French: Marc Bloch Association)
AMBAngular Momentum Balance
AMBActive Metal Bonding (semiconductor manufacturing)
AMBAcrylamidomethylbutanoate (polyampholyte class polymer)
AMBArmament Material Bulletin
AMBAnalog MDM Bipolar
AMBArt Map Burlington (Burlington, VT publication)
AMBActive Magnetic Bearing
AMBAviation Maintenance Battalion (US Army)
AMBApplied Molecular Biology (various schools)
AMBAmphotericin B (liposome)
AmbAmbulatory (aka Ambulating)
AmbAmbulating (aka Ambulatory)
AMBAdvanced Memory Buffer (FBDIMM control unit on DRAM)
AMBAfrican Media Barometer (Media Institute for Southern Africa)
AMBAfrican Merchant Bank (RSA)
AMBAir Mission Brief
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When the authors began their literature search, there was an assumption that little published information existed on nursing workload measurement and ambulatory care nurse staffing compared to the body of evidence on hospital nurse staffing.
The Conference is organized by Nova Medical Centers, pioneers in standalone Ambulatory Surgery Centers in India.
For each patient, in-office blood pressures were taken by a physician, a nurse, and the automated device (in random order) and compared with ambulatory blood pressure measurements.
Average diastolic blood pressure readings in patients with white coat hypertension were 86 mm Hg when taken by doctors, 83 mm Hg by nurses, 75 mm Hg by the automated device, and 73 mm Hg by ambulatory monitoring.
The design enhances our 'Open Access' model of ambulatory care service delivery by merging Bellevue's structural capacity to meet the community demand.
The ASC 2000 Ambulatory Surgical Care Table is lightweight and maneuverable, and its remote pendant hand control is easy to use.
The former hospital's surgical service has been licensed as an ambulatory surgery center, enabling the facility to continue providing outpatient surgery and special procedures.
As a result, they successfully sought outside investment capital, built the ambulatory surgery center themselves and began to profit from its successful operations.
Prefilled syringes for emergency care, portable IV sets for home ambulatory infusion, prefilled nebulizers for self-respiratory treatment and transdermal patches for smoking cessation will provide the greatest opportunities within the infusion and related administration supplies group.
Usual systolic and diastolic BP levels were defined in separate analyses as the mean awake BP or the mean 24-hour BP calculated from two 24-hour periods of ambulatory BP monitoring.
To increase wheelchair mobility, provide residents with organized practice in wheelchair propulsion, similar to how ambulatory residents are given walking exercise.