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Have you ever heard of the wasting effects of fever being reasonably and intelligibly repaired by fortifying the exhausted patient with brandy, wine, ammonia, and quinine?
Kayerts was always ready to let him have a sniff at the ammonia bottle.
Q: What EPA regulations regarding ammonia refrigeration systems affect food companies?
The saturation temperature is explicitly presented as a function of ammonia liquid mass concentration and saturation pressure of the mixture.
It's a system that uses gaspermeable membranes to capture and recycle ammonia from livestock wastewater before the ammonia goes into the air.
More than 2,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia leaked when an ammonia line ruptured at the Coors Brewing Co.
In their last spacewalk on Wednesday, they were able to disconnect the ammonia and power lines without a problem.
Nhthree, based in Richland, has a patented process that combines air, electricity and water to form anhydrous ammonia.
Due to its hydrogen content, anhydrous ammonia can be used in internal combustion engines with minor modifications, can be used in direct ammonia fuel cells, and also provides a hydrogen feed stock for standard hydrogen fuel cells.
The source of ammonia emissions for the straw filter was a bunker for Phase I substrate preparation.
The nitrification/denitrification system uses bacteria to convert toxic ammonia to less-harmful nitrate, then to nitrogen gas.
The meter accurately measures ammonia across the full spectrum of normal regulatory levels, helping to ensure waste waters have ammonia levels within Discharge Consent limits.