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1% said they feel that MedeGrip provides a safer alternative to gauze when breaking glass ampules
Betamethasone phosphate + betamethasone acetate + 3 mg solution for injection 3 mg vial or ampule 6 mg / ml
Unlike other INJEX(TM) systems, which include a multiple-use stainless steel injector and single-use disposable medication ampule, the new fully disposable INJEX(TM) integrates a "jet injection" device and disposable ampule all in one for added convenience and ease of use.
Contract awarded for etoposide 2717-2015 list injectable solution or powder for parenteral use 20 mg / ml, 5 ml vial or ampule.
Contract awarded for dopamine hydrochloride solution for injection 40 mg / ml vial or ampule 5 ml
Contract awarded for furosemide solution for injection 10 mg / ml vial or ampule 2 ml
EQUIDYNE CORPORATION (OTCBB:INJX) announced the successful completion of the first fully automated ampule production system in Germany.
This revolutionary device will incorporate our current needle-free ampule technology contained in a completely disposable device no larger than a ballpoint pen.
Contract awarded for 2725-2015 list dacarbazine powder for solution for injection or parenteral use 200 mg vial or ampule code 689
Contract awarded for 2728-2015 list doxorubicin hydrochloride injectable solution or powder for parenteral use 10 mg vial or ampule code 668