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ANXAscending Node Crossing (satellites)
ANXassign NNXX routing (US DoD)
ANXAnnex Records
ANXAutomotive Network Exchange (AIAG)
ANXAdvanced Network Exchange
ANXAdventrx Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA)
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The UNFCCC split the world into two halves: Developed countries, including the former Soviet Union, the countries of Eastern Europe, and those belonging to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (including the United States) were designated Annex I Parties.
Following the success of the Opena[R] case, Annex Products released Quad Lock - a revolutionary case-based mounting system for iPhone 4/4S handsets, which allows the use of an iPhone in more places than ever before.
Just in case you missed the million dollar advertising campaign that has recently blitzed the Atlanta area, limited tickets are still available by calling The Learning Annex at 1-800-US-ANNEX or on the web at LearningAnnex.
the functional heart of the current Moynihan Station project can be built, and will have its own independent utility, regardless of what happens with Farley's Annex, and therefore there is no reason to delay Moynihan Station in the meantime.
Should the Stonecrest annexation be approved, the city's attempt to annex land it owns above the mine -- which was on hold -- would proceed immediately, said Sandor Winger, executive director of the county Local Agency Formation Commission, after the meeting.
The Learning Annex hosts these expos around the country with speakers like Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, George Foreman, Earvin "Magic" Johnson and other Superstars.
The Worker Safety and Health Annex is an important contribution to emergency management," said Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Jonathan L.
NSF International, a not-for-profit, public health and safety organization, today announced that MGS Progetti has become one of the first European faucet manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with Annex G.
Bill Zanker, Founder and President of The Learning Annex says, "Our attendance is up over 35% from last year.
Cemex's lawsuit challenges the environmental review in the city's proposal to annex its land.
USPS will continue to occupy virtually all of the Annex Building.
Together, The Learning Annex and Twistbox will bring self-help programming from leading experts in a compelling edutainment format designed specifically for mobile phones.