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ANNAlternativa Nueva Nación (Spanish: New Alternative Nation; political party; Guatemala)
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relief from the noise of overhead public address systems and buzzing annunciators, and the ability of busy staff to triage resident calls ("Wait a minute; it's that chronic complainer in 201 again").
The Sandel TAWS solution offered by Business Jet Services is a single, copilot side-installed unit with an external annunciator with switches on the pilot side of the cockpit.
Dortronics Systems of Sag Harbor, New York, has introduced the 7600 Annunciator Series.
Tenders are invited for Annunciator Panel With 24 Windows, With Self Standing Abs Enclosure, Audio Visual Annunicator Panel With Test Reset And Stop Facility With Supply 230 V And Control Voltage Of 110/220 Ac V Minilec Or Idec Or Eapl Make Or Equivalent.
The new Digitize Remote Annunciator provides multiple redundant operator interfaces for one or more System 3505 Controllers.
The annunciator features to be placed on the MARTA buses will automatically announce and provide a visual read-out of the approaching stops.
Provide one smoke control graphic annunciator in the fire command room.
When unlocked, the Annunciator feature signals that a door has been opened.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Supply Of Mw Transducer As Per Annexure Qty: 2 No 2)Supply Of Ammeter As Per Annexure Qty: 1 No 3)Supply Of Annunciator As Per Annexure Qty: 1 No 4)Supply Of Power Contactor As Per Annexure Qty: 2 No 5)Supply Of Bimettalic Overload Relay As Per Annexure Qty: 1 No
When Scranton's system becomes operational, said Symanovich, "it will be one of the first such systems in the United States to use GPS to automatically trigger audio messages from an annunciator.
loss of control room annunciator circuits, leading to an alert and
The supporting computers were recovered the first day of the alert and the repair of the annunciator system was completed and the alert terminated on May 6, 1992.