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ANAAmerican Nurses Association
ANAAnaheim Angels (baseball team)
ANAAfghan National Army
ANAAll Nippon Airways (Japanese airline company & ICAO code)
ANAAmerican Numismatic Association
ANAA New Approach (womens clothing brand)
ANAAgencia Nacional de Aguas (Brazil)
ANAAntinuclear Antibody
ANAAlsace Nord Athlétisme (French: Northern Alsace Athletics; Alsace, France)
ANAActive Network Abstraction (Cisco)
ANAAssociazione Nazionale Alpini (Italy; National Organization of Mountain Police)
ANAAmerican Neurological Association
ANAAdministration for Native Americans (US Government)
ANAAppraisers National Association
ANAAlliance for Nuclear Accountability
ANAAnticardiolipin Antibody
ANAAeroportos e Navegação Aérea (Portuguese Airports)
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ANAAnguilla National Alliance
ANAAmerican Nutraceutical Association
ANAAmerican National Anthem
ANAAntinuclear Antibodies Test
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ANAAmerican Nyckelharpa Association
ANAAmerican Negro Academy
ANAArchives Network of Alberta (database)
ANAAssociation des Naturalistes de l'Ariège (French: Ariege Association of Naturalists; Ariege, France)
ANAActive Network Architecture
ANAAir Force/Navy/Army
ANAAsociacion Nuestros Ahijados (Antigua, Guatemala, Central America)
ANAAl-Noor Academy (Massachusetts)
ANAAverage Number of Ancestors
ANAAsociacion Nacional Automovilistica (Spanish: National Automobile Association; Mexico)
ANAAdvanced Nursing Assistant
ANAAlabama Nurserymen's Association
ANAAdvanced Network Analyst
ANAAdvanced Networks Applications
ANAAppropriated but Not Authorized (Army Budget)
ANAAdiabatic Nuclei Approximation
ANAAutoshift Neutral Actuator
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It should be noted too, that forms of punitive backlash can be triggered when men are diagnosed with and treated for anorexia nervosa.
Caption: Some young restrictive eating patients do not meet the definition of anorexia.
For instance, there is orthorexia, in which patients become obsessively preoccupied with eating healthy foods, eventually morphing into anorexia.
In the first of two studies, Treasure's team analysed 31 patients with anorexia and 33 healthy controls who were given either oxytocin or a placebo.
Anorexia nervosa is a mental disorder that leads to an obsession with weight loss and abnormal eating habits.
For an initial "discovery" study in 334 subjects, the researchers catalogued the variants of a large set of genes that had already been linked to feeding behavior or had been flagged in previous anorexia studies.
People with anorexia try to keep their weight as low as possible, usually by restricting the amount of food they eat.
Anorexia first began to take over her life in her mid-teens, although she admits it's hard to pin down exactly when it all began.
In Mess, the Birmingham-based actress, writer and director, a former Cambridge University graduate, plays Josephine, who's putting on a play about anorexia, helped by Boris and Sistahl.
The estimated mortality rate among anorexia nervosa patients is about 12 times higher than the annual death rate among females between ages 15 and 24.
Demi is in getting treated for anorexia as well as other issues that caused her seizure.
And the sad fact is that only 30% to 40% of those with anorexia will successfully recover.