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ANTAAN (Army After Next) Net Technology
ANTAntigua (ETR)
ANTNetherlands Antilles (ISO Country code)
ANTAntagonist (video game website)
ANTActor-Network Theory
ANTAntrim (county of Ulster)
ANTAnime No Tomodachi
ANTAdenine Nucleotide Translocator
ANTAids to Navigation Team
ANTAnother Neat Tool
ANTAssociazione Nazionale Tumori (Italy: National Cancer Association)
ANTAme No Tsuki (French animated series)
ANTAutomatic Negative Thought
ANTADSL Network Termination
ANTAutoritatea Nationala pentru Turism (Romania)
ANTAirspace and Navigation Team
ANTBlue Antimora
ANTAccess Network Transport
ANTAlgorithmic Noise-Tolerance
ANTAssistencia Nacional aos Tuberculosos (Portuguese Anti-Tuberculosis Group)
ANTAutonomous Negotiating Team
ANTAdvanced Navigation Trainer
ANTActive Name Table
ANTAbstract of New Technology
ANTAnalogue Network Terminator (ISDN)
ANTAction News Team
ANTAcid Neutralization Tank
ANTAdvanced Nuclear Technology (various locations)
ANTAdvanced Network Technology (various locations)
ANTAltered Nuclear Transfer
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Selected by major customers to support a wide range of applications, including cellular, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, GPS, MediaFLO and Digital Video Broadcast among others, our patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole[TM] (IMD) technology provides wireless equipment manufacturers with optimized antenna size and performance, while exceeding safety emission requirements.
Laird Technologies is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic interference [EMI] shielding, telematics, thermal management and wireless antenna solutions for the telecommunications, data-communications, computer, general electronics, network equipment, aerospace, defense, automotive and medical equipment industries.
The integrated enclosure and antenna provides very low cost, highly professional and esthetically pleasing CPE solution to equipment companies and integrators.
Despite previous books on UWB systems for radar systems and more recently, communications, no book exists that deals with the antennas and propagation of UWB for both communication and radar systems.
Our new antenna has been proven to cut out more interference in high concentration areas than any competing antenna on the market, which enables the quality of mobile TV and streaming video that consumers expect.
provided the new FM master antenna designed for analog and DAB operation.
NASA discovered the antenna problem on April 11, when mission scientists first signalled the spacecraft to unfurl the instrument.
Smart antenna technologies are set to revolutionize the wireless communications industry with their enormous potential to enable the development of more powerful, cost-effective, and efficient wireless systems.
Slowly hand-tighten the ferrule by wrapping your hand around the metal ferrule and rotating the ferrule clockwise until the antenna is firmly attached to the spring base.
Generally, antenna site structure owners have no responsibility for compliance with FCC RFR exposure regulations; that responsibility rests solely with the FCC licensees and applicants.
The GPS RADIONOVA RF antenna module is a true drop in solution that delivers high efficiency and reliable performance.
We secure the site so that children and other unauthorized "lay" people cannot tamper with, or become injured by, the antenna system.