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5 25,193 28,779 25 24,125 -1,067 30,878 2,099 30 23,440 -1,753 32,211 3,432 35 22,863 -2,330 33,257 4,478 40 22,388 -2,805 33,985 5,206 (a) Antilogs of predicted log income are presented.
For instance, the antilog of the coefficient for FACADE (-0.
Some of the offensive terms include antilog, shoga, and mwere (in Swahili).
8) Just as in regular logistic regression, the antilog of a dichotomous predictor estimate yields the estimated odds ratio associated with a one-unit difference in the predictor.
Moreover, corrections of one or two LSB were applied in some memory locations of the log and antilog look-up tables content.
Using a modified form of Equation (1), (15) we estimate salary regressions for the each sector, take the antilog of the estimated log salary an individual would expect if paid in his or her alternative sector, and subtract that estimate from each individual's actual salary.
Since the logit is the natural logarithm of the odds function (percent use/percent don't use), the antilog of the logit mean response is the annual percent rate of change of the odds function.
Once a solution has been found to the problem the antilog can be found to give the correct answer.
Integrating and taking the antilog on both sides produces
Non-categorical variables (the wage index, teaching intensity, facility size, and occupancy) were converted to payment variables by taking the antilog of the product of the regression coefficient and the value of the variable.
BEA used the antilog of the time dummy coefficients to construct price indexes for 1992-2001.