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It seems to be your opinion, that the very office of an antiquary, employed in grave, and, as the vulgar will sometimes allege, in toilsome and minute research, must be considered as incapacitating him from successfully compounding a tale of this sort.
Still the severer antiquary may think, that, by thus intermingling fiction with truth, I am polluting the well of history with modern inventions, and impressing upon the rising generation false ideas of the age which I describe.
Haddow may have been a dishonest lawyer, but he couldn't help being an honest antiquary.
The narrative of the heir's restoration in The Antiquary enacts in miniature Scott's narrative of Scotland in Britain.
Our winner will also get a grand tour of the Tomatin Distillery and will be presented with a 70cl bottle of The Antiquary.
Herald of a dawning scientific consciousness in Scotland, Wilson asserts in the preface to Prehistoric Annals that archaeology had outstripped the "laborious trifling" of the amateur antiquary and had joined "the circle of the sciences.
This comic, and, for the proud baronet, extremely embarrassing encounter points to a complex political and economical context that informs The Antiquary.
There are notes about other Australian theatrical performances in King's handwriting on the back of the sheet, addressed to George Chalmers (1742-1825), a writer, antiquary and Chief Clerk to a Privy Council Committee on Trade and Foreign Plantations.
Blairgowrie's new Antiquary restaurant boasts an eye-catching decor as well as a picturesque setting by the River Ericht.
Over a century after their first publication, his Ghost Stories of an Antiquary remain one the most admired collections of supernatural tales in the English language.
M R James's Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, first published over a century ago, are still the most admired tales of the supernatural in the English language.
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