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ARVApproximate Retail Value
ARVAdvanced Re-Entry Vehicle (aeronautics)
ARVAfter Repair Value (real estate)
ARVArmed Robotic Vehicle
ARVArmed Response Vehicle
ARVArmored Recovery Vehicle
ARVAIDS-Related Virus
ARVAfter Repaired Value
ARVAmerican Rottweiler Verein (German: American Rottweiler Club; est. 1989)
ARVAverage Retail Value
ARVAir Release Valve
ARVAssociative Remote Viewing
ARVArkansas River Valley
ARVAmerican Revised Version
ARVAlien Reproduction Vehicle
ARVAircraft Repair Ship
ARVAfrican Rift Valley (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO)
ARVAmateur Radio Victoria (Australia)
ARVAccommodation and Repair Vessel (offshore operations in the oil and gas industry)
ARVAerial Reconnaissance Vehicle
ARVArray Response Vector
ARVAménagements Routiers Varois (French construction company)
ARVAeration Room Vent
ARVAcquisition Review Committee
ARVAirborne Relay Vehicle
ARVAtelier de Réalité Virtuelle (French: Virtual Reality Workshop)
ARVAssociation Rules Viewer (software)
ARVAtmospheric Release Valve
ARVAspect Ratio Value
ARVAir Reducing Valve
ARVAccountability Reliability Velocity (Six Sigma)
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And an even lower adherence rate could pose problems for people taking any type of antiretroviral combination.
A higher proportion of participants in the home group than in the facility group initiated antiretroviral therapy (2.
7 million people in low- and middle-income countries were on antiretroviral therapy, with the biggest increase recorded in 2012.
With more than 4 million people in the developing world now receiving antiretroviral therapy, but few of those people able to access the relatively costly laboratory tests that are a standard component of HIV medical care in wealthy countries, there is ongoing concern that high rates of undetected treatment failure could cause widespread drug resistance.
Much is unknown regarding antiretroviral coverage in South Africa.
Indeed there are emerging data that endorse the idea of starting antiretroviral therapy at CD4 cell counts considerably higher than 350 cells/[mm.
Is prophylaxis with antiretroviral drug called for?
Meanwhile, fiber is important, because people taking certain antiretroviral medications tend to develop lipodystrophy, a condition in which fat accumulates in the back of the neck and around the abdomen.
Highly active antiretroviral therapy started in pregnancy or postpartum suppresses HIV-1 RNA but not DNA in breast milk.
Antiretroviral therapy with efavirenz, zidovudine, and lamivudine was initiated at the correctional facility to treat his primary HIV infection.
The expense of antiretroviral therapy remains a concern, particularly in the poorest countries.
In the future, this kind of research could help doctors and patients know what to expect from current antiretroviral treatment, avoiding unnecessary drug use or regimen switches.