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APaRTAutomated Packet Recognition/Translation (Sprint)
APARTAustrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology
APARTAnnual Proficiency and Readiness Test
APARTAtmospheric Propagation And Radiative Transfer Code
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Symposia, children's carnival, writing competition, stage presentations of Things Fall Apart and a grand finale with a night of tributes are some of the key events taking place.
Slotted screwdrivers (also known as flat head), mostly used to pry apart layers
I am excited to be part of Art Apart Fair because Philippine art has always been great,' Tanedo says.
If you can't get the streams to join together or break apart, use another cup and make holes in it that are closer together or farther apart.
Amongst sowing methods, R1 (30 cm apart row) produced higher number of stems m-2 (673.
The workmen in Poles Apart are pitched against the kind of people who say they want to love 'the man in the street' - what happens, then, when they are difficult to love?
If you feel you are drifting apart in future, do something about it before he goes off and does something stupid again.
The researchers found that around a third of LATs live apart because they feel they are not yet ready to live together (although many of these hope to do so in the future).
US blogging company Six Apart said yesterday it has acquired advertising network NaturalPath Media, focused on healthy lifestyle solutions.
Yes, OK, but apart from a debt crisis, a jobs crisis, accelerating social breakdown and a failing schools system, what has Labour ever done for us?
1 : away from each other <Our parents kept me and my sister apart.
PEACHES Geldof will spend her first Christmas as a married woman apart from her husband.