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APEXAtacama Pathfinder Experiment
APEXAccepted Practices Exchange (Convention Industry Council initiative)
APEXAssociation of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (l'Association Professionelle des Cadres de la Fonction Publique du Canada)
APEXAdvance Purchase Excursion (airline industry)
APEXApplication Executive
APEXAgência de Promoção às Exportações
APEXAirborne Prism Experiment (hyperspectral pushbroom spectrometer)
APEXAdditive System of Photographic Exposure
APeXAlbany Power Exchange
APEXAssociation of Professional Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff (UK union founded in 1989 and merged into GMU known as Britain's General Union)
APEXAdvanced Power EXtraction
APEXAdvanced Packet Exchange
APEXAdaptive Principal component EXtraction (neural algorithm)
APEXAmerican Product Excellence
APEXAutomatic Preferred Enhanced Capital Securities (Goldman Sachs; hybrid debt equity secuirty)
APEXAdvanced Placement Experience
APEXAdvanced Plant Experiment
APEXArmor Piercing Explosive (ammunition type)
APEXAll-Purpose Excuse :-)
APEXAdaptive Planning and Execution (US DoD)
APEXArctic Polynya Experiment
APEXAir Pollution Exchange
APEXAdvanced Prototyping, Engineering & eXperimentation (US Army Modeling and Simulation Laboratory - Redstone Arsenal, AL)
APEXAntiProton Experiment
APEXAmerican Philatelic Society Expertising Service
APEXAdvanced Phase-conjugation Experiment
APEXAPLE Prototype Experiment
APEXArgonne Production, Expansion and Exchange (model for electrical systems)
APEXAcademic Program for the Exceptional (Shelby County School System; Tennessee)
APEXAdvanced Photovoltaic & Electronics Experiment
APEXAerodynamic Performance Experiment
APEXAutomated Planning and Execution Control System
APEXAIDS Peer Education Exchange (Gig Harbor, WA)
APEXActive Plasma Experiment Satellite
APEXArctic Pulse Experimental (Sonar)
APEXAutomated Power Expert
APEXAcquisition Planning and Execution
APEXArgonne Plasma Experiment
APEXAfrican-American Panoramic Experience (Atlanta, Georgia)
APEXAwards for Publication Excellence
APEXApplication Exchange
APEXAsia-Pacific Environmental Exchange
APEXAsian Professional Exchange
APEXAdvance Purchase Excursion Fare (Airline Lingo)
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Apical petrositis can be acute or chronic, and it can be the result of an infection of the middle ear to the pneumatized air cells of perilabyrinthine and apex of the temporal bone.
Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting Apex Oil Company, Inc.
Included in APEX Analytix's new client roster are 11 of the Fortune 100 and 22 of the Fortune 500 companies.
The APEX Wireless Multimedia Analyzer (WMA) allows operators and manufacturers to evaluate the quality of video being displayed on a mobile device prior to deployment of the device and/or the service.
APEX Analytix is continually expanding its service and software offerings based on emerging industries, technologies and the needs and requests of corporate America and the world.
Apex Medina[TM] Premium: New Desktop Sketching Hits the Street Today
APEX offers leading design and applications technology that ensures the trouble-free operation of the equipment supplied and of the system in which the equipment is integrated.
All Apex components and applications can be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via salesforce.
Medina also contains foundational support for the implementation of features and products scheduled for release early next year, like 3D Perimeter Generation, GIS Ties, GIS Referencing and seamless integration with Apex Nexus, field data and sketching software for mobile Tablet PC's and UMPC's.
Franklin & Seidelmann will utilize Apex Radiology to provide general and night time radiology interpretations from modalities such as x-ray, ultrasound, and CT for some of its clients.
We are excited to have our final approval in both Florida and Nevada," Said Jeff Henderson, Program Manager of Apex CE Seminars.
86% of Sumitomo's share of future payable silver production from San Cristobal (currently projected to amount to over 20 million ounces of payable metal accrued to Apex Silver) plus payments related to additional reserves and mine extensions