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APPLAssociation of Partners for Public Lands
APPLAcademy of Program and Project Leadership (NASA)
APPLA Probability Programming Language
APPLAlberta Products Pipeline (Canada)
APPLApplanation Tension (pressure in the eye)
APPLAnna Porter Public Library (Gatlinburg, TN)
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The prince had provided all the appliances of pleasure.
aided by the mechanical appliances which he had brought from London) to split the morsels of the torn paper, within a given space of time which might permit them to begin the reconstruction of the letter that night.
The men had been all occupied that morning in assisting Geoffrey to measure a mile, for his exercising-ground, in a remote part of the park--where there was an empty cottage, which was to be fitted with all the necessary appliances for the reception of Geoffrey and his trainer.
Gradgrind went up-stairs for the address, he opened the door of the children's study and looked into that serene floor-clothed apartment, which, notwithstanding its book-cases and its cabinets and its variety of learned and philosophical appliances, had much of the genial aspect of a room devoted to hair-cutting.
They could not bathe without their appliances, though the morning sun was calling and the last mists were rising from the dimpling stream.
She thought of the bathing arrangements as they should be in her day--no worrying of servants, no appliances, beyond good sense.
With higher scrap prices, particularly within the past year, appliance recycling has regained the attention of scrap peddlers.
In fact, one appliance being deployed by integrators in an open-systems environment brings management of up to 100 Terabytes by a single system administrator to customers, providing 10x lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
A software appliance is an application combined with a purpose-built operating system that readily installs on industry standard hardware or in a virtualized environment.
Customers are turning to SAN appliances to help reduce their storage TCO by easing SAN deployments, providing true centralized management, increasing security, offering advanced storage applications, and providing storage virtualization-all key drivers behind many SAN appliance purchases.
The new WSA series will be based on Celestix's fourth generation Scorpio X appliance platform.
Typically, a network appliance has a network-optimized architecture, comes with "thin" versions of the most popular network operating systems, and provides client access independent of any operating system or proprietary protocol.