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APPLAcademy of Program and Project Leadership (NASA)
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APPLApplanation Tension (pressure in the eye)
APPLAnna Porter Public Library (Gatlinburg, TN)
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The magistrate remarked that, if the annoyance were repeated, the applicant could summon the Indians to that court, where they might easily be dealt with under the Act.
Again Mr Boffin's eyes opened wide, and he stared at the applicant from head to foot, repeating 'Queer
If nothing can be done in the next fortnight or three weeks, the housekeeper will advertise in the Times, and will come to London herself to see the applicants, and to make strict personal inquiry into their characters.
Silas now found himself and his cottage suddenly beset by mothers who wanted him to charm away the whooping-cough, or bring back the milk, and by men who wanted stuff against the rheumatics or the knots in the hands; and, to secure themselves against a refusal, the applicants brought silver in their palms.
Others were applicants at the humble wooden tenements, where dwelt the petty shopkeepers and mechanics.
it is nothing more than a magical number, that frightens away all applicants for such a favour, unless indeed it may be such as would not be very likely to be successful were they to apply; and which even would render it physically impossible to have a tender interview within the four walls of the mansion"--
For weeks he would lounge around the taverns of the county, in a state of perfect idleness, or doing small jobs for his liquor and his meals, and cavilling with applicants about the prices of his labor; frequently preferring idleness to an abatement of a little of his independence, or a cent in his wages.
It was a great trial to refuse admission to these applicants, and in 1884 we established a night-school to accommodate a few of them.
Is the luxury of feeling in proportion to the number of votes; or is it, to a rightly constituted mind, in proportion to the number of applicants, and the wholesome state of mind to which their canvassing reduces them?
The lighthouse star still kept a nightly vigil; a substitute keeper had been sent to the Point, until such time as an all-wise government could decide which of many applicants was best fitted for the place--or had the strongest pull.
He received the applicants in an alert, jovial fashion which was quite surprising.
He knew by his own office--seldom a vacant post, and hundreds of applicants for it; at present no vacant post.