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APPSAct to Prevent Pollution from Ships
APPSAutomated Package Processing System (US Postal Service)
APPSanalytical photogrammetric positioning system (US DoD)
APPSAsian Pacific Psychological Services
APPSAutomated Publications Preparation System (Navy)
APPSAseptic Processing and Packaging Systems
APPSAutomated Publications Production System
APPSAutomatic Parts Programming System
APPSAcoustic Performance Prediction System
APPSAudio Processor Power Supply
APPSAnniston Production Performance Scorecard
APPSApplication Portability Profile Standards
APPSAutomated Personnel Procurement System
APPSAutomated POM Preparation System
APPSAlternate Preferred Power System
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Stiff with wounds and bruises, Tom was a long time in accomplishing this movement; but, when done, he felt a sensible relief from the cooling application to his wounds.
Any personal application will produce an immediate appeal to the protection of the law.
This application of the subject was really so unexpected to me that I was quite at a loss how to receive it.
Already, applications have been received from parties in Europe wishing to join the Excursion there.
Then very few persons have any idea of the large number of applications for help that rich people are constantly being flooded with.
They shook him with lines of thought that were new to him; and gave him insights, not into new biological laws, but into new applications of the old laws.
In the interval, Sir Jervis had received two applications for the vacant place.
It's not his turn, Miss, to be recommended when the next applications come to the couriers' office.
repentance in connection with outward applications of experience.
Beauly had been actually questioned by the deceased lady on the subject of cosmetic applications to the complexion.
It was an elaborate bath, proceeding through many rooms, and combining many postures and applications.
Suffice it to say, that I believe the applications for loans, gifts, and offices of profit that I have been requested to forward to the originals of the BROTHERS CHEERYBLE (with whom I never interchanged any communication in my life) would have exhausted the combined patronage of all the Lord Chancellors since the accession of the House of Brunswick, and would have broken the Rest of the Bank of England.
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