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APSEAssociated Press Sports Editors (Dallas, Texas)
APSEAssociation for Persons in Supported Employment
APSEAssociation for Public Service Excellence (Manchester, UK)
APSEAda Programming Support Environment
APSEAsociación para la Promoción de la Seguridad Eléctrica (association for promotion of electrical security, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
APSEAsociación de Profesores de Segunda Enseñanza (association of teachers for second-chance education, Costa Rica)
APSEAGFA Publishing Systems Environment
APSEArmour Piercing Secondary Effect
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A pleasant sitting area has been created within the apse while at the back there is a space for dining with bay window overlooking the cloistered courtyard below.
Bu yazida, preseptal sellulit nedeniyle yatirilip antibiyoterapi baslanan ancak orbital apse gelistigi icin yapilan antibiyotik degisikligine olumlu yanit alinarak cerrahi tedavi gereksinimi duyulmadan tedavi edilen olgu sunulmustur.
Adding insult to injury, the new capomaestro's error in the construction of the calotte, or vauk of the south apse, was discovered between 23 April and 4 May 1557, when the masonry may have been close to the summit.
Unlike many traditional European churches, which have a semicircular recess with a semi-dome at the back of the church, also known as an apse, this church had a flat back.
All active members of APSE are eligible for a preferred rate of up to 25 percent off the purchase price of DirectCourse curricula.
Gec baslangicli GBS enfeksiyonu tanisi ile takip ettigimiz ve tedaviye ragmen multipl yayilim gosteren hastamizda; menenjit, ventrikulit, osteomiyelit ve literaturde saptanmayan temporomandibular eklemde apse gelisimi bildirilmistir.
The apse, the image and the icon; an historical perspective of the apse as a space for images.
Those with knowledge of landscape photography may be left pondering why it is Potton who is exhibiting in Riga and not his good friend and fellow New Zealand landscape photographer Andris Apse, a Latvian native.
The Apse and Charred Cross are lost under builders' scaffolding.
The results of the annual contest, judged by sports editors from newspapers throughout the country, were announced at an APSE meeting in Las Vegas this week.
The towers--which offer the visitor an unexpected and beguiling experience of the Chapel--are to be used for musical performances, this area of the church having been designated a place for special ceremonies, notably baptism, which no doubt determined the emphasis of the apse sculptures on 'the watery part of creation', as John Spurling puts it.