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ARCHArches National Park (US National Park Service)
ARCHAutoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
ARCHAdvocacy Resource Centre for the Handicapped
ARCHAssociation of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists
ARCHAdult Residential Care Home
ARCHAnimal Rights Collective of Halifax (Canada)
ARCHAccess Response Channel
ARCHAir Rotary Casing Hammer
ARCHAssociation for Radio Controlled Helicopters
ARCHAir Rescue Consortium of Hospitals (air medical services company)
ARCHAdvocates for Reproductive Choice in Healthcare
ARCHAdvanced Reconnaissance Compression Hardware
ARCHARgonne CHicago (ARCH Development Corp.)
ARCHAutomatic Remote Cassette Handler
ARCHAction Research and Community Health and Development
ARCHAir Forces' Regional Communications Hub
ARCHAuto Rétro Club Herblaysien (French vintage car club)
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The Catholic Church has confirmed the Archbishop suffered a heart attack but said he was in good spirits.
Next, Archbishop McMahon will be led to the Cathedra (Bishop's Chair) by Bishop Williams to be presented with the Book of the Gospels by Bishop Vincent Malone, former Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool.
In an interview, Archbishop Hiltz said he was grateful for Archbishop Williams' response "in his capacity as an instrument of communion," and that "he certainly makes it clear where he stands on the part of those intervening.
The archbishop also had an elevated level of serum prostate-specific-antigen, SPA, the protein produced by the prostate, indicating a presence of cancer, Skinner said.
Miroslav Vlk (his name means "wolf"), archbishop of Prague, needs it to strengthen his authority.
The new archbishop will be the first appointment made in Liverpool by Pope Francis.
They also discussed Archbishop Williams' visit last spring to the Canadian house of bishops.
The new archbishop, born George Papageorgiou, entered the Ecumenical Patriarchate's seminary on the island of Halki, near Istanbul, in 1962.
The spokesman asked for people to "remember Archbishop Patrick in your prayers at this time.
Adding to the unnatural burdens on kids is a phenomenon called "the new family," which in turn raises the question Archbishop Williams was indirectly asking: who is parenthood for?
Vancouver -- Archbishop Raymond Roussin returned to regular duties on March 16, after a five-month leave of absence for health reasons.
In November, eight conservative dioceses asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to appoint a "commissary," or representative, to lead them.