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AREALAtmospheric Research and Exposure Assessment Laboratory
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Accuracy of count data transferred through the areal weighting interpolation method.
One sure way to address the world's increasing demand for storage is by increasing disc drive areal densities," said Dave Reinsel, research manager at IDC.
This study proposes an alternative approach to solving areal interpolation problems by using artificial neural networks.
The areal densities in the cases shown in Table 1 approach 5Gb/sq.
Marvell is pleased to have contributed to Read-Rite's ongoing success in achieving a new areal density record with our 88C4200 PRML read channel" said Dr.
Following our review below of some of the most frequently-used dasymetric methods, we will describe the CEDS method, and then present it through an example of mapping population distribution in New York City, by comparing choropleth mapping, areal interpolation, filtered areal weighting, and CEDS.
But even if and when magnetic media (particularly disk engineers) do hit the areal density wall, tape engineers will still have many generations of capacity improvements to come, due to the 800:1 ratio in areal density that currently exists between disk and tape design.
Contract award: control group for the deployment of autonomous sensors smoke alarms (daaf) within the heritage of social landlords to areal alsatian members.
There has been much recent research on areal interpolation of population data.
Using magneto-resistive (MR) and Giant MR Heads (GMR), magnetic disks surpassed the areal density of optical disks in early 1995.