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ARMADAAssociation of Rocky Mountain Area Diplomacy Adversaries
ARMADAAssociation of Resource Managers Against Drug Abuse (various locations)
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It's the Long Beach Armada, or rather, as it was announced Tuesday -- the "Long Beach Armada of Los Angeles of California of the United States of North America Including Barrow, Alaska.
Armada also provides sophisticated and fully implemented data collection systems, as well as comprehensive industry reporting that complements its strategic focus on the Specialty Pharmacy marketplace.
The Nissan Armada was recognised for having best-in-class interior space, ground clearance, approach and departure angles as well as features such as user-friendly keyless door entry/engine start, power rear tailgate and superior engine performance from its beefy V8 engine.
Since Andy Cato met Tom Findlay back in 1997 and formed Groove Armada (a name originally shortened from their rather less catchy former club night Captain Sensual at the Helm of the Groove Armada) they have been scarcely out of our conciousness with tracks selling everything from Mercedes and Meganes to kids clothes (Asda) and world peace (Amnesty International).
Interior flexibility was a priority for the SUV, and the Pathfinder Armada can carry a 10-foot ladder within the interior when the seats-rear, split bench middle row, and fold-flat front--are folded away.
Groove Armada certainly went out with a bang as they left fans feeling elated and exhilarated.
Kirk Smith, managing director of Armada Finance, added, "Nicola is part of a team that is vital to the success of our business.
Armada representatives knew the Express would have to be altered when they placed their bid, said Col.
For many readers the study will succeed in its attempt to "restore the apocalyptic and historical meanings to The Spanish Tragedy" (166), but here the book ends with another assertion that the play was written after the defeat of the Armada.
In addition, a new investor presentation will be available shortly on both Armada Oil's and Mesa Energy's websites at http://www.
The Armada x Metallica collaboration, the result of close design work between the band and the ski industry's most progressive ski and outerwear manufacturer, includes two models of skis (the Invictus 95Ti all-mountain ski and the JJ 2.