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ARMCHAIRAcademy of Rec.Music.Christian Halfwits Advancing Integrity in Recording (informal newsgroup music awards group)
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And she assumed, upon sitting up in the armchair, a still more graceful and abandoned position than when she reclined.
I could remember the elated feeling and the soul-gripping cold of those tramway journeys taken into town to put what in diplomatic language is called pressure upon the good Hudig, with his warm fire, his armchair, his big cigar, and the never-failing suggestion in his good-natured voice: "I suppose in the end it is you they will appoint captain before the ship sails?
Meanwhile the cause of the sensation--the Grandmother--was being borne aloft in her armchair.
When she reached the armchair she dropped into it heavily as if completely exhausted.
folded with the correspondence from Russia uppermost, lying on a little table by the side of the armchair.
A nondescript, mid-century Scandinavian armchair becomes eye-catching with optical prints, while another conservative wingchair is revitalized with vibrant tropical leaf pints.
Mid-century inspired spaces are more popular than ever and for these schemes I'd have to recommend the Riva 1920 Wilma Barccioli armchair.
And, while Scarlett Moffatt may have once memorably opined that Jeremy Corbyn looked more like the next Doctor Who than the next PM, what will the rest of the regular armchair TV critics make of the divisions in the Labour Party?
Gopal Jasapara kept the scoreboard moving with Shyam Krishna to steer Armchair Boys to a strong position.
Designed by Mexican architect and interior designer Joaquin Homs, the armchair is made with lacquer aluminium and covered with Shintotex fibre.
It was through the beauty of magical realism that the great Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez once appeared in the armchair, even though he was still alive.
uk THIS classic armchair is available in many different guises but we love the Stirling fabric in red, as it feels fabulously traditional yet modern.