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PERI-Around (Prefix)
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Then the king stroked the ulcers, while the reading continued; finally, the patient graduated and got his nickel -- the king hanging it around his neck himself -- and was dismissed.
Around our hats were wound many folds of soft white muslin, with the ends hanging and flapping down our backs--an idea brought from the Orient and used by tourists all over Europe.
They are as tall as a tree and as big around as a church.
There's always a few millions or billions of young folks around who don't want any better entertainment than to fill up their lungs and swarm out with their torches and have a high time over a barkeeper.
Then he went tearing around the house again spreading chaos and destruction in his path.
Before we get away she'll wish she hadn't let me go, but she won't know any way to get around it now.
Then they began to pass around the dusky, piquant, Arlesian sausages, and lobsters in their dazzling red cuirasses, prawns of large size and brilliant color, the echinus with its prickly outside and dainty morsel within, the clovis, esteemed by the epicures of the South as more than rivalling the exquisite flavor of the oyster, -- all the delicacies, in fact, that are cast up by the wash of waters on the sandy beach, and styled by the grateful fishermen "fruits of the sea.
Dreary gardens lay around, filled with withered flowers and bare, drooping trees; while heavy clouds hung low in the dark sky, and a cold wind murmured sadly through the wintry air.
Some of these good people dwelt in log-huts, with the black forest all around them, on the steep and difficult hillsides.
I thrust my arms wildly above and around me in all directions.
I SAW thee on thy bridal day - When a burning blush came o'er thee, Though happiness around thee lay, The world all love before thee:
When Dorothy stood in the doorway and looked around, she could see nothing but the great gray prairie on every side.