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ARSTAzienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti (Italian: Regional Transport of Sardinia)
ARSTSalvage Craft Tender
ARSTArgentina Summer Time (time zone)
ARSTAssociation for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology
ARSTAerial Reconnaissance & Security Troop
ARSTAerial Reconnaissance Support Team
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AMOT has launched two products with extended application range: Chalwyn diesel engine spark arrestors with nearly three times the reach to now cover engines up to 1100hp (825kW) and Amot emergency air shut-off valves extending up to a 10-inch size for the larger valves of the latest engine designs.
The need for flexibility in this application stems from the way a torque arrestor is installed, says Teknor Apex.
The aircraft was safely stopped by the EMAS, approximately 297ft (90m) into the arrestor bed and about 197ft (60m) short of a body of water beyond the runway end safety area.
Witt recommend that flashback arrestor users test the non-return valve, body leak tightness and flow capacity annually using Witt's special test equipment.
As a crack arrestor, the composite absorbs the energy of the fracture arresting the crack.
Cooled gases pass through a large, low-pressure drop spark arrestor prior to entering the baghouse at 450F (232c).
The 24 V DC power with backup prevents failure of critical operations due to power dips and brownouts while the surge arrestor protects against lightning and surges.
With Power over Ethernet capability and internal lightning arrestor, expensive feedlines and external lightning arrestors can be eliminated, reducing system cost and signal-loss.
9 Mbps, including one base station, a 20-subscriber license, six end-user modems with switched-phase diversity indoor antennas, cables, a 902-MHz lightning arrestor, training, e-mail support and a location coverage prediction plot.
Kennedy Valve, a nobake and green sand gray iron foundry in Elmira, New York, has selected ETA Engineering, Avilla, Indiana, to install a 75,000-cfm dust collector with a spark arrestor and pre-coat system, and a 110,000-cfm baghouse dust collector unit.