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ARROWSAdvanced Reconnaissance Remotely Operated Weapon System
ARROWSAviation Readiness Requirements Oriented to WRAs
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He discharged many hundreds of arrows which Jerry retrieved for him and which he discharged over and over.
As soon as his right arm received thew and sinew he learned to draw the long bow and speed a true arrow.
If you dare send an arrow at Menelaus you will win honour and thanks from all the Trojans, and especially from prince Alexandrus--he would be the first to requite you very handsomely if he could see Menelaus mount his funeral pyre, slain by an arrow from your hand.
Three times the Arabs started across the clearing in the direction from which they thought the arrows came, but each time another arrow would come from behind to take its toll from among their number.
At his back his bow, and in the quiver upon his shield many slim, straight arrows, well smeared with the thick, dark, tarry substance that rendered deadly their tiniest needle prick.
And he bent his bow, took aim, and shot an arrow at the old poet, right into his heart.
They were of various sizes and shapes, but enough were of handy dimensions for use as ammunition in lieu of my precious arrows.
She sat down with it on her knees, weeping bitterly as she took the bow out of its case, and when her tears had relieved her, she went to the cloister where the suitors were, carrying the bow and the quiver, with the many deadly arrows that were inside it.
They use small arrows or darts, tipped with wild cotton, instead of feathers.
Now," quoth he, "my bow and eke mine arrows are as good as shine; and moreover, I go to the shooting match at Nottingham Town, which same has been proclaimed by our good Sheriff of Nottinghamshire; there I will shoot with other stout yeomen, for a prize has been offered of a fine butt of ale.
Past the veranda they raced, pouring a deadly fire into the kneeling Waziri who discharged their volley of arrows from behind their long, oval shields--shields well adapted, perhaps, to stop a hostile arrow, or deflect a spear; but futile, quite, before the leaden missiles of the riflemen.
Between his naked shoulders, low down and to the left, appeared the bone-barbed head of an arrow.