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ARTAnnual Renewable Term (life insurance)
ARTArticle (part of speech)
ARTActive Release Techniques
ARTAlternative Risk Transfer
ARTAssisted Reproductive Technology
ARTAEF (Air Expeditionary Force) Reporting Tool
ARTAmerican Repertory Theatre (Cambridge, MA)
ARTAdvanced Research Technologies Inc.
ARTAdvanced Real Time
ARTAdaptive Resonance Theory
ARTAnaheim Resort Transit
ARTAntiretroviral Therapy (HIV)
ARTAssisted Reproductive Techniques
ARTAdditional Reference (Carrier) Transmission
ARTAutorité de Régulation des Télécommunications
ARTAggression Replacement Training
ARTAlzheimer's Research Trust (UK)
ARTArlington Transit
ARTApplication Response Time (Netscout)
ARTAir Reserve Technician (USAF Reserve)
ARTArab Radio and Television
ARTAlliance for Responsible Trade
ARTAnggaran Rumah Tangga (Indonesian: Household Budget)
ARTAdvanced Reproductive Technologies
ARTAssisted Reproductive Treatment
ARTAutorité de Régulation des Télécoms (France)
ARTAutonomic Response Testing
ARTAssisted Reproductive Therapy
ARTAutomated Regression Testing
ARTAlgebraic Reconstruction Technique(s)
ARTAudio Response Teller (automated digital bank/credit union teller system)
ARTAverage Room Temperature
ARTAutomotive Retailing Today
ARTAdvanced Recognition Technologies, Inc. (Lawrenceville, GA)
ARTAlpine Rescue Team (mountain rescue organization in Evergreen, Colorado)
ARTAssuming Room Temperature
ARTArchivists Round Table
ARTAdvanced Radar Technology (BMDO)
ARTAerospace Research and Technology
ARTAutomated Reasoning Tool
ARTAdvanced Reactor Technology
ARTAssessment and Response Team
ARTAmerican Rubber Technologies
ARTAggression Replacement Therapy (behavior management)
ARTAverage Resolution Time
ARTAccredited Records Technician
ARTAmerican Refrigerator Transit Co.
ARTAccelerated Reliability Test
ARTAsynchronous Remote Takeover
ARTAvian Rhinotracheitis
ARTAcorn RISC Technologies
ARTAdvanced Radiation Technology
ARTArmy Regional Tools (US Army)
ARTAirborne Radar Technician
ARTApproaching Room Temperature
ARTAutism Resource Team
ARTAdministrative Review Team
ARTAdvanced Resolution Technology
ARTWatertown, NY, USA - Watertown (Airport Code)
ARTAdvanced Registered Technologist (Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science)
ARTAcoustic Resonance Technology
ARTAlamo Regional Transit (Texas)
ARTAmerican Radio Theater (old-time radio)
ARTAfrican Resources Trust
ARTArtists' Rights and Theft Prevention Act of 2004
ARTArmy Reserve Technician
ARTAssociação de Residentes de Telheiras
ARTAdaptive Rate Transmission
ARTAdministradora de Riesgos de Trabajo (Argentina)
ARTAdvanced Reasoning Tool
ARTAutomatic Reserve Thrust (aviation)
ARTAdvanced Repair Technology, Inc
ARTAdjusted Reference Temperature
ARTAbstands-Regel-Tempomat (German)
ARTAdverse Reactions Terminology (WHO)
ARTAuthorite de Regulation des Telecommunications (France)
ARTArmy Tactical Task
ARTAchilles Tendon Reflex Test
ARTAutomatic Revision Tracking
ARTAzzura Robot Team (Italian National Team in autonomous robot competitions)
ARTAutomatic Reporting Telephone
ARTAdvanced Radio Telecommunications
ARTJohnson-Grace Compressed Image (file extension)
ARTAuxiliary Resonant Tank
ARTAdvanced Rotocraft Technology
ARTAngle-Resolved Transmission
ARTAerial Refueling Track
ARTAssessment Recovery Team
ARTArchitecture Review Team
ARTAlarm Reporting Telephone
ARTAsset Reliability Technology
ARTAvailable Resource Technology (Mat Bevel Institute)
ARTApplied Resource Technologies
ARTAerosol Release and Transport
ARTAmbiguity Reference Tone
ARTAir-Launched Radiation Thermometer
ARTAir Rider Transport Inc. (hovercraft transportation manufacturer)
ARTAqueous Recycle Technologies
ARTAsymmetric Rear Triangle (mountain bikes)
ARTAdvanced Rotocraft Transmission
ARTAircraft Radar Turbulence
ARTAlvarez Racing Team
ARTAirborne Receive Terminal
ARTAsphalt Residual Treatment
ARTAlternate Resonance Toning
ARTAcceptance Review Team
ARTAutomated Ranging and Tracking
ARTArithmetic Relevance Testing
ARTAutomate Rapide Transilien (French)
ARTArmy Regional Threats
ARTActive Reference Table
ARTAttentional Restoration Theory
Artairfield reference temperature
ARTAccess Routing Tool
ARTAuto Reserve Thrust (aviation system)
ARTAggregate Rate of Taxation
ARTAbsolute Return Tracker
ARTAl-Rashid Trust (Pakistan)
ARTAgroscope Reckenholz-Taenikon Research Station (Switzerland)
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At one week of follow-up, as she suffered from radiating pain to the elbow, and pallor and coldness symptoms, arterial Doppler USG was performed to further investigate an arterial thrombosis.
1,2 COPD induced pulmonary arterial hypertension, a systemic inflammatory response, affects multiple organs of patients by means of inflammation and oxidative stress injury.
These are drug-mediated arterial spasm leading to vasoconstriction and thrombosis by release of epinephrine or endogenous substances.
Key Words: Radial artery cannulation, Arterial line, Ultrasound guided arterial line placement
Esta e uma alternativa eficaz e segura para o manejo de hipertensao resistente, mas deve ser usada com pacientes muito bem selecionados nos quais foi comprovado que reduz a atividade do sistema nervoso simpatico e a pressao arterial; contudo, na pratica diaria, a taxa de resposta em termos de reducao da pressao arterial apos a desnervacao varia entre 8% e 37%, devido a ma selecao dos pacientes.
Reporting arterial blood gas results with combined P[O.
La medicion de la presion arterial indirecta no se realizaba de manera rutinaria en recien nacidos previo al desarrollo de la tecnologia oscilometrica.
Because the number of participants was calculated to give results for a different primary outcome, the Dutch researchers are performing a confirmatory study involving men and women with high circulating dp-ucMGP levels, indicating an increased risk for arterial stiffness.
All children in which there was a failure to insert the arterial cannula in radial or femoral arteries after 3 attempts were excluded from the study.
Scan Parameter Phase Arterial Anatomical region Coeliac axis to feet Patient position Supine, suspended respiration Slice collimation 2.
For uniaxial tension of cylinder arterial wall, the deformation meets the following expressions:
Se incluyeron pacientes afectos de insuficiencia renal cronica estadio 5d a los que se evaluo la afectacion arterial periferica mediante el indice tobillo-brazo, (clasificandose como EAP si ITB < 0,9, normalidad si ITB 0,9 - 1,3 y rigidez si ITB >1,3) y la calcificacion vascular mediante los indices de Kauppila y Adragao, considerando presencia de calcificacion si Kauppila >6 (maximo 24 puntos) y Adragao >3 (maximo 8 puntos).
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