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Into the infantry when they need artillery more than anything?
These inventions, in fact, left far in the rear the timid instruments of European artillery.
Consequently, the clubrooms became deserted, the servants dozed in the antechambers, the newspapers grew mouldy on the tables, sounds of snoring came from dark corners, and the members of the Gun Club, erstwhile so noisy in their seances, were reduced to silence by this disastrous peace and gave themselves up wholly to dreams of a Platonic kind of artillery.
Mahomet on his part was not idle; he solicited the assistance of the Mahometan princes, pressed them with all the motives of religion, and obtained a reinforcement of two thousand musketeers from the Arabs, and a train of artillery from the Turks.
George's Hill was brought down, did they give the artillery the ghost of a chance against them.
Vasconcelles, Jesuit father, describes one which he heard in the Sierra, or mountain region of Piratininga, and which he compares to the discharges of a park of artillery.
Now Mrs Waters and our heroe had no sooner sat down together than the former began to play this artillery upon the latter.
From these indications it is easy to imagine Madame Granson in her cold salon with its yellow curtains and Utrecht velvet furniture, also yellow, as she straightened the round straw mats which were placed before each chair, that visitors might not soil the red-tiled floor while they sat there; after which she returned to her cushioned armchair and little work-table placed beneath the portrait of the lieutenant-colonel of artillery between two windows,--a point from which her eye could rake the rue du Bercail and see all comers.
Often it suffices for a man to ride past them at the head of a company of artillery, or show himself at a ball in tight clothes.
Practising the tasks, the boat carried out three artillery firings at air targets.
Artillery play Kahawa Garison, MAB entertain Armed Brigade in Pool 'B' matches that also has Armed, Artillery.