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AWAll Weather
AWAddison Wesley (publisher)
AWAny Way
AWAlien Ware (computers)
AWAnchor (Well) Site West
AWAirlift Wing
AWAnother World
AWAdvance Wars (game)
AWAir Wing
AWAbove Water
AWAllstar Weekend (band)
AWA-Wing (Star Wars fighter)
AWAir Warfare
AWAfter War (Gundam X animated series)
AWActual Weight
AWAir Warrior
AWArchitektur + Wettbewerbe (German: Architecture + Competitions; trade magazine)
AWAstral Weeks (Van Morrison album)
AWAir Warning
AWActive Well
AWAcid Waste
AWAdvice Wanted
AWAss Wipe
AWAddress Word
AWAdministrative Weight
AWAndrée Watters
AWAcoustic Warfare
AWAlbright & Wilson
AWAuxiliary Winding (voltage regulation)
AWAdmission Weight (Cisco)
AWA. A. Weinman (designer's mark on US coins)
AWAlpha Whiskey
AWAssymetric Warfare (US Army)
AWArchimedes World (magazine)
AWAcroWizard (Anvil Logic, Inc.)
AWAssam Watch (UK human rights group)
AWAirborne Antisubmarine Warfare
AWAkela's World (BSA)
AWAuthentication Word
AWAntagonist Wing (The Wrath of the Empire)
AW(USN Rating) Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator
AWArea Wedge (golfing)
AWAmphibious Warfare/All Weather
AWWater Distilling or Storage Ship
AWArchitectutral Window (Americal Architectural Manufacturers Association rating)
AWAnti-Wear (hydraulic oil, additives)
AWAttention Whore
AWAnalytic Workspace
AWArrogant Worms (band)
AWGap Wedge (golf club)
AWApproach Wedge (golf)
AWAssociate Warden (prisons)
AWAntiair Warfare
AWAllied Waste Industries (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
AWAuction Watch (auction-tool site)
AWAmerican Wood (timber facility)
AWAnchor Winch
AWAll Welcome
AWAntwort (German: Answer)
AWAtomic Wedgie
AWArsene Wenger (soccer player)
AWArc Welding
AWArctic Warfare
AWAmerican Woods
AWAmerican Whitewater (Cullowhee, NC)
AWArticle of War
AWAnswer Wizard
AWAtomic Weight
AWAttack Warning
AWAutomatic Weapons
AWAviation Warfare Systems Operator (USN rating)
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Therefore, Flintshire County Council wants to introduce multiple pieces of artwork in order to raise the profile of both these seaside villages.
The artwork will be filtered according to gender and then age groups.
All artworks submitted must be clearly labelled with the artist's name, medium, price (that should not exceed RO700) and contact details.
People who know something about artwork really like my lines," Friebert said.
I am proud of the artwork and really love the college and the work that we are doing.
8), try this activity to learn more about how scientists use chemistry to detect hidden artworks.
Ability to apply logic to identify the different elements of the artwork including: Text, artwork, barcode, Braille, background and dielines
All art explorers and museums visitors around the world are now welcome to download Art Now to find museums which feature an Edward Hopper painting; look for artworks made of neon tubing; or locate all of the balloon dogs in the world.
The Chiltern Railways artwork entitled Trackside walk: Birmingham to London
A large part of the displayed artwork is based on the Anglican Cathedral's historic architecture and its iconic stained glass windows.
The correct frame greatly enhances the beauty of the artwork while also ensuring the longevity and preservation of the piece, believes Sharon Harvey, director, Showcase Gallery, Dubai.
I am an auctioneer and whenever I conduct a charity auction I always provide the numbered bid cards, sign-up sheets, and clerking tickets (forms on which the clerk records the number of each artwork and its selling price).