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ASNAmerican Society of Nephrology
ASNAbstract Syntax Notation
ASNAutonomous System Number
ASNAssistant Secretary of the Navy
ASNAviation Safety Network
ASNAutorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Safety Authority)
ASNAssociate of Science In Nursing
ASNAmerican Society for Nutrition (Bethesda, MD)
ASNAswan (Egyptian automobile license plate)
ASNAmerican Society for Neurochemistry (Windermere, FL)
ASNAdvance Ship Notices
ASNAdobe Solutions Network
ASNAverage Sample Number
ASNAdvanced Shipment Notification
ASNAmerican Society of Neuroimaging (Minneapolis, MN)
ASNAmerican Society of Naturalists
ASNAugmented Social Network
ASNAccess Stack Node (Baystream)
ASNAtlantic Satellite Network
ASNAutorite Sportive Nationale (French: National Sporting Association)
ASNAccess Service Node
ASNAcquired Situational Narcissism (psychology)
ASNAdditional Student Numbers (UK)
ASNAllotment Serial Number
ASNAssigned Serial Number
ASNAustralian Science Network
ASNArtificial Social Network
ASNATM Switching Network (Siemens/Stromberg-Carlson)
ASNAuxiliary Signal Network (Cisco)
ASNAT&T Switched Network
ASNArmy Service Number
ASNActive Sensor Network
ASNAIDS Support Network of San Luis Obispo County
ASNAbstract Symbol Notation
ASNAtomic Strike Net
ASNAssigned Sequence Number
ASNAutonomous and Spontaneous Networks (Symposium)
ASNAmerican Switching Network
ASNAvionics Systems Network
ASNAdvanced Shipment/Shipping Notice
ASNAssociation Sahel Nature (Burkina Faso)
ASNAccess Stack Note (Wescon)
ASNAutomated Surveillance Network
ASNA Sweet Niche (band)
ASNAd-Hoc Secondary Network (wireless communications)
ASNAerospatiale Norme (Romanian: Aerospace Standards)
ASNAfrican Solution Network (Bronx, NY)
ASNAmazon Stock Number (Amazon)
ASNAxon-Schwann Cell Network
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Further, metastasis was found greatly limited by reducing asparagine synthetase, treatment with the chemotherapy drug L-asparaginase, or dietary restriction.
It is this process for which researchers think asparagine is
The amount of asparagine (Asn) in the raw plantains used in this study was also below the limit of quantification of the method.
Asparagine synthetase and acyl binding protein, which are associated with amino acid synthesis and metabolism, were also found to be differentially expressed during the expansion of yacon tuberous root.
volvacea contains glutamic acid, glutamine, alanine, arginine, serine, valine, aspartic acid, threonine, lysine, tyrosine, isoleucine, cystine, asparagine, leucine, proline, glycine, histidine, phenylalanine, tryptophan and methionine, in decreasing order of abundance.
5A, forces the oxygen of the water molecule to orient to the NPA side, coming close to the motifs to allow the water oxygen to smoothly form hydrogen bonds with amide groups of the two asparagine residues of the NPA motifs at the pore constriction (Fig.
Washington, Jan 19 ( ANI ): Scientists in Singapore have found that asparaginase (ASNASE) - the enzyme that degrades the amino acid asparagine and serves as a common chemotherapeutic agent - arrests Group A Streptococcus (GAS) growth in human blood and blocks bacteria's proliferation, thus initiating a new potential treatment against deadly Streptococcal infections.
The enzyme deprives the cancer cells of an essential amino acid asparagine by catalyzing its breakdown ultimately leading to starvation and death.
Substitution at a single, highly conserved asparagine (Asn101 to Ala or Cys), that is predicted to coordinate [Na.
Asparaginase is the enzyme that hydrolyzes asparagine into L-aspartic acid and ammonia.
Robinson does occasionally publish research articles in an obscure area concerning deamidation rates of asparagine and glutamine in peptides.
N-glycosylation is a specific type of glycosylation, during which the carbohydrates bind on a certain component of a protein, the amino acid asparagine (abbreviated with "N").
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