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ASBLAmerican Small Business League
ASBLAssociation Sans But Lucratif (French: Non-Profit Organization)
ASBLAssociation Suisse de Bryologie et Lichénologie (website)
ASBLAssociation des Biologistes Luxembourgois (French: Association of Biologists Luxembourg)
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As he was commander-in-chief of the navy, it would be a simple matter for him to order the vessels there as they could be handled, and thereafter keep the remodelled fleet in remote parts of the empire until we should be ready to assemble it for the dash upon Omean.
Twice a year the priests assemble all the people at the Cathedral, and get out this vial of clotted blood and let them see it slowly dissolve and become liquid-- and every day for eight days, this dismal farce is repeated, while the priests go among the crowd and collect money for the exhibition.
Then the natives would assemble with spears, and with much shouting would transfix the great startled things as they hurried down to the sea.
I purpose assembling this upon the strip of beach described in Bowen's manuscript--the beach where he found the dead body of the apelike man--provided there is sufficient space above high water; otherwise we shall have to assemble it on deck and lower it over the side.
Billings was satisfied, as were the rest of us, that this was the beach mentioned by Bowen, and we further found that there was ample room to assemble the sea-plane.
At two o'clock of the afternoon the friends were to assemble to pay their last tribute of respect to one who had no further need of friends and respect.
Fairlie's name, to assemble in Limmeridge House on the next day but one.
For years scientists have been struggling to assemble a snapshot of the "state of knowledge" about CNPs.
The process starts with the peptidomimetic molecules, which spontaneously assemble in a solution to become a structure that can be seen with a microscope or even the naked eye.
OutStart is a widely recognized industry leader and is being honored because its innovative Evolution LCMS offering provides customers the ability to create, assemble, manage, and deliver knowledge in support of both formal and informal, on-demand learning environments.
If you really want to assemble a new set of tools--biological molecules that will glom on to all the component materials that go into making a circuit--we need a lot more biological-inorganic pairs," Hu says.
Assemble the cakes the day before the reception and keep refrigerated.