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ASSAfter School Special
AssAssyrian (linguistics)
ASSAssociação (Portuguese: association; postal usage)
ASSAlien Space Ship
ASSAllocation de Solidarité Spécifique
ASSApplescript Studio
ASSAcetylsalicylic Acid
ASSAfter School Snack
ASSAcid Sulfate Soils
ASSArgininosuccinate Synthetase
ASSAarskog-Scott Syndrome
ASSAfter Sale Service
ASSAbove Seat Steering
ASSArea Sales Supervisor
ASSApplication Support Specialist
ASSAll Star Survivor (TV show)
ASSAngle Side Side (false trigonometry postulate)
ASSAgent of Secret Stuff
ASSAnti-Spam Script
ASSAll Star Special
ASSAlways Stay Sweet
ASSAnderson Secondary School (Singapore)
ASSAdmiralty Secondary School (Singapore)
ASSAnterior Superior Spine
ASSAfter Show Show (radio show)
ASSAlberta Speleological Society
ASSAttention Seeking Syndrome
ASSAdams/Stewart/Sting (band)
ASSAfter School Suspension
ASSAverage Sample Size
ASSAssistant Shift Supervisor (job title)
ASSAverage Signal Strength
ASSAviation Support Ship
ASSAuxiliary Steam System
ASSAmbler Skate Shop (Ambler, PA)
ASSAnti-Spyware Suite
ASSAggie Speleological Society (Texas A&M University)
ASSActive Symmetric Swapping (Unicode control character)
ASSAmerican Students' Society
ASSAcronym Specialists Society
ASSArundel State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
ASSAnti-Spam Simple (spam filtering software)
ASSAmerican Shipping Service (The Simpsons)
ASSAustrian Spine Society (Vienna, Austria)
ASSApplication Software Specialist
ASSAgentiei Sociale A Studentilor (Romania)
ASSAvionics Support Section
ASSAssociation of Soccer Sponsors
ASSAllied Soviet Squad (gaming clan)
ASSAnarchy Solid Sound (Brazilian punk rock band)
ASSAssistant Supervisor Station
ASSAutomatic System Security
ASSAdditive Spread-Spectrum (digital imaging)
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As well, heightened concerns about national security in countries like the United States, and the staggering potential of nanotechnology in a range of military applications, means that the exchange of knowledge about how to construct a universal assembler will be a closely guarded secret.
Just think how much time and money would be saved if product development had input from all three camps at the very beginning of the process--designers, fabricators and assemblers all working together to build the best quality product at the lowest cost.
Similarly, another assembler noted that the North American practice of a supplier being purchased by other firms could work against the maintenance of stable buyer-supplier relations:
Clerity, Chicago, a full-service provider of mainframe migration , modernization, and optimizationsolutions, has introduced enhanced automated Assembler conversion tools and services to help companies efficiently translate Assembler application components into readable, maintainable COBOL language code.
He added that the local car assemblers continued to push up prices by at least four to six times every year since 2008.
By contrast, a full-fledged nanotechnology, especially if molecular assemblers can be built, will disrupt all kinds of social and economic processes.
We stopped three of our suppliers who needed to clean up and they have made significant savings in the last two months -- one cut inventory by 60 percent and reduced space needs by 40% (Japanese transplant assembler, 15 July 1997).
Through one integrated interface, users can analyze applications written in multiple programming languages -- including Assembler -- to accelerate any Enterprise Application Modernization initiative.
And if Drexler's assemblers could arrange the right molecules the right ways, then they could build not just meat but practically anything.
CHICAGO -- Clerity, a full-service provider of mainframe migration, modernization and optimization solutions, today introduced enhanced automated Assembler conversion tools and services to help companies efficiently translate Assembler application components into readable, maintainable COBOL language code.
the local assembler of Toyotas, took the lead to announce restoring production capacity from 30% to 60% starting May 23, and would restore full-capacity production by June.
Beginning immediately, MI Application Assembler is available for the development, management, and deployment of enterprise-grade mobile/wireless solutions.
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