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If that would interest you all," Madame Selarne assented, " it commences-so
Yes, I know him," she assented, after a moment's hesitation.
The Englishman, a surveyor from a London office, assented with enthusiasm.
Well, with her he would certainly be restful," Dolly assented.
It's just by the eyes, by smiles that it's done," Dolly assented.
Furthermore, the internal consistency of Epictetus' psychology can be preserved if we interpret those passages not as stating that we will immediately and necessarily act accordingly (once we have considered that X is the correct course of action), but rather, that our action will not contradict the impression we have assented to when (and if) we eventually decide to act.
The July 15 decision also assented to the administration's claim that the president can create special military tribunals to conduct trials of enemy combatants, rendering decisions that are not subject to judicial review of any sort.