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ASSRAutonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRAuditory Steady State Response
ASSRArab Social Science Research
ASSRAmerican Society of Spine Radiology
ASSRAttestation Scolaire de Sécurité Routière (French: School Certificate of Road Safety)
ASSRAdvanced Single-Slice Rebinning (algorithm)
ASSRAgreed Set of Security Rules
ASSRArmenian Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRAzerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRApplication Software Structural Review (software validation for FDA accreditation)
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The county board on March 12 is scheduled to discuss the appointment of an interim assessor to serve the remainder of Spickard's term, which concludes at the end of 2014.
Qualified assessors will be able to produce the Energy Performance
But residents must travel to Sylmar for assessor services such as paying property taxes.
Anyone interested in becoming a lay assessor can call Nicola Esquilant on 0121 303 7872.
The diagnostic approach to analyzing SAP systems taken by the Assessor product line empowers customers and partners with automated tools to safely evaluate the impact of ECC 5.
Here, you'll find links to county assessors, recorders and tax collectors in California and other states.
The price depends on what the assessor proposes to do, as well as that person's experience and expertise.
At the hearing, the commission reviews the final report and hears testimony from agency personnel, assessors, and commission staff before deciding whether to award accreditation.
The technical assessor reported that parts of the floors have had to be replaced, and that there is minor cracking in the domes.
The document is awarded by an assessor who tests the energy effi-ciency of homes and make suggestions on improvements.
Auerbach, a former deputy assessor, was first appointed assessor in 2000.
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