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ASSETArizona School Services Through Educational Technology
ASSETAutomotive Student Service Educational Training (Ford Motor Company)
ASSETAsset Source for Software Engineering Technology
ASSETAssessment of Skills for Successful Entry and Transfer
ASSETAutomated Security Self-Evaluation Tool (NIST)
ASSETAstrobiology Summer Science Experience for Teachers
ASSETAdvanced Surface Ship Evaluation Tool
ASSETAll-Source Satellite Evaluation Tool
ASSETA Scene Segmenter Establishing Tracking (motion segmentation)
ASSETAdvanced Support System for Emulation and Test
ASSETAda Static Structure Evaluation Tool
ASSETAutomated Software Support Entry System
ASSETAdvocates Supporting Solutions in Education Together
ASSETAdvanced Steady State Experimental Tokamak (fusion reactor)
ASSETAutomated Scriptor Simulator Exercise Trainer
ASSETAutomated Systems and Software Engineering Toolset
ASSETArmy Simulation Support Expert Tools
ASSETAcquisition of Supportable Systems Technology
ASSETActs Software Sustainment and Evaluation Team
ASSETAdvanced System & Software Engineering Technologies
ASSETAerothermodynamics/Elastic Structural System Environmental Test
ASSETAbstracts of Selected Solar Energy Technology (journal)
ASSETAdobe Secure Software Engineering Team
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According to "The New York Times Dictionary of Money and Investing," an intangible asset is "a legal claim to some future benefit, typically a claim to future cash.
The asset turnover ratio incorporates two elements--sales and assets.
If an asset is classified as non-amortizable goodwill, it is not an expense that will reduce financial earnings or all-important ratios such as earnings-per-share (EPS).
4) Such other factors as the Federal banking agencies may consider relevant to the quality of the asset.
By contrast, the asset-based lending market is more stable, a natural occurrence in that the borrowing power of a company's assets is characteristically more stable than its earnings.
However it will be crucial in the world of very low or zero inflation to avoid excessive swings in asset values that tend to bring "aggravated" downturns.
Of course, to eliminate the countable asset, the cash can be spent during the year the application is filed, but before it is signed (e.
This article outlines each of these unique challenges and provides guidelines for use in the formulation of an effective reverse logistics strategy for IT asset disposition.
As regulators begin to seek greater clarity in the asset values of publicly traded companies and require them to make more transparent disclosures, the onus is on CPAs to apply more scientific rigor to their IP valuations.
Uncompensated value equals the fair market value of the asset transferred minus the value of what was received for the asset.
Second, some companies report asset impairment only at year-end.
Asset managers don't let real estate sit still; they use their company's holdings as very powerful economic tools.